8 DIY Kangaroo Costume Ideas To Jump Hight In Costume Party

DIY Kangaroo Costume Ideas

Want to see a kangaroo hopping around your home, not just in Australian wilds? Tyr these DIY kangaroo costume ideas for an energic jumping member of your family (including yourself as a mom!). Find homemade kangaroo costumes suitable for moms and infants, children and dolls, and expecting mothers drama, as well as makeup tips and headgear options. This list has you covered for all these animal themed attires.

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How To DIY a Kangaroo Costume?

Making a DIY kangaroo costume is a fun, easy task. You’ll start by finding a brown or tan jumpsuit with a hoodie or matching top and bottom. If not, you will need first to take the necessary measurements and then sew it in those colors. Then, sew a pouch to the front using a piece of fabric. Use a piece of stuffed fabric attached to the back of your outfit for the tail.

Finally, don’t forget the ears! Make a pair from cardstock or felt, and attach them to a headband or the hood, or make a separate headgear with the eyes too. And have a baby or toys in your pocket. This way, you can make a comfortable DIY kangaroo costume that will hinder the jumps. You will find the visual guides in this list for these steps and other types, whether from the cardboard.

Hoodie Kangaroo Costume 

Hoodie Kangaroo Costume 

Check out this adorable kangaroo costume in a rich, dark brown color tailored for your little one! The costume is a coverall with a white front and boasts a roomy, comfortable design manufactured in velvety fabric. The highlight of this outfit is the stuffed toy that nestles in the kangaroo’s pouch. Beyond its playful appearance, this costume is ideal for chilly days. Its hood covers your baby’s head and keeps them snug and warm during play.


DIY Adult Kangaroo Costume

DIY Adult Kangaroo Costume

Express your DIY skills with this Zoobilee Zoo Whazzat Kangaroo costume! The costume is perfect for Halloween parties or plays. It used a basic kangaroo outfit faced with weighty tail woes. The creator secured it with a hearty ribbon wrapped around the waist, maintaining the costume’s structure. The costume was completed with pink twisted ribbons on the legs, bows on the hair, and a tweaked vest pattern featuring ruffles, an adventure, and a Velcro closure for easy wearing.


Kangaroo Costumes To DIY For Mom and Baby

Kangaroo Costumes To DIY For Mom and baby 

Consider this easy Kangaroo outfit for a fresh and fun DIY mommy-and-me costume. Inspired by your love for baby-wearing, the costume uses comfy overalls, a tan shirt, dollar-store deer ears, and tan & white felt, all requiring no sewing! With a tan flannel tail, it’s the ideal kangaroo costume for mommy and baby, perfect for celebrating the party of the newborn baby. For complete guidance and making, visit the link below:


  • brown overalls
  • tan shirt
  • sling
  • tan felt (.25 at Walmart)
  • white felt (.25 at Walmart)
  • animal ears ( dollar store)
  • safety pin
  • tan flannel
  • hot glue gun
  • fabric glue
  • face paint


Matching Mom And Baby Kangaroo Costume

Mom And Baby Kangaroo Costume

This Halloween, create a kangaroo-themed costume to have a memorable photoshoot. This costume combines a homemade hat with a brown outfit and a baby cloth carrier. Print out our kangaroo templates, cut and trace them onto colored felt, and then affix them to a brown hat using hot glue. Pair your hat with brown leggings and a tunic, and dress your baby in a brown onesie. Keep them close all day in a cloth carrier for a perfect kangaroo pouch effect.

  • adult and baby brown beanie caps
  • 1 sheet each of white, tan, brown, and black felt
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • brown fabric infant carrier or fabric sling
  • Baby Kangaroo Hat Template
  • Mama Kangaroo Hat Template


Simple Kangaroo Costume with headband

Simple Kangaroo Costume with headband

This delightful Halloween costume is a treat for expectant mothers who want to dress for Halloween. Designed to mirror the nurturing scene of a baby kangaroo in the mother’s pouch, it playfully captures the joy of your current phase. The outfit is essentially a simple dress with a white front and pocket for the ‘baby,’ while the ears are crafted from felt and affixed to a headband.


Kangaroo Outfit To Make For Kid

Kangaroo Outfit To Make For Kid

Step into the Halloween spirit or playtime escapades with the Little Kangaroo Costume for your child. Crafted from furry fabric, this costume adds a dash of fun and ensures comfort and warmth, making it perfect for chilly seasons. Let your little one hop into joyous adventures while being the cutest kangaroo on the block!


Hoodie Ear Kangaroo Costume

DIY Kangaroo Costume

Turn your regular hooded sweatshirt into a nostalgic kangaroo costume with our easy guide.  Start by adjusting the sweatshirt’s front pocket into a pouch and repurpose fabric from the sweatshirt to create ears. The lack of a stuffed kangaroo is ingeniously solved with a teddy bear comfortably nestled in the pouch! Add velour ears to the hood, and your kangaroo costume is ready to receive compliments.


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