15 DIY Snow White Costume Ideas For Kids And Women

DIY Snow White Costume Ideas

Creating our DIY Snow White costume can be an enjoyable task for everyone to try and turn into a creepy villainish character for Halloween parties and cosplay events. You can carry a red apple as your prop to complement the whole outfit and make memorable pictures to relive that spooky event anytime, anywhere.

DIY Snow White Costume Ideas

DIY Snow White Costume Ideas 1

Whether you desire to make a snow white costume for kids or women, we have a number of impressive ideas given below; all you have to do is get some basic stuff on hand, like:

  • Colors: The primary colors for a Snow White costume are blue, yellow, white, and red. These colors represent her dress, collar, and hair ribbon, respectively.
  • Dress: An iconic attribute is a blue and yellow dress with a high white collar. The top half of the dress is traditionally blue, while the bottom half (or the skirt) is yellow.
  • Collar: A white, stand-up collar is a definitive attribute of Snow White’s dress.
  • Hair Ribbon: Snow White is known for her red ribbon that holds her bobbed, black hair.
  • Red Apple Prop: A red apple is an optional but distinctive prop for a Snow White Costume; it represents the poisoned apple given to her by the evil queen in the tale.
  • Shoes: Simple, yellow, or black ballet flats would work well for the costume.
  • Makeup: Snow White is known for her pale skin and rosy cheeks, so some light makeup might also be part of the costume.

DIY Snow White Costume

DIY Snow White Costume

Channel the enchanting spirit of a classic fairytale with a DIY Snow White costume. The DIY costume idea also provides a charming Miss Minnie Mouse outfit, both crafted with accessible items, perfect to garner compliments on every occasion.

  • Materials: First, the Minnie Mouse costume: All you need is a cute dress, preferably with polka dots. Add a bow and some red lipstick, and you’re done. The second is a Snow White costume. Dress in items from your own closet, focusing on blue, red, and yellow colours, and don’t forget the red bow for your hair. An edible red apple is a fun accessory.


Queen From Snow White Costume

Queen From Snow White Costume

The Queen from Snow White costume is a perfect example of royal wickedness. Wearing it, you portray mystery with its dark velvet dress that has large bell sleeves, a high collar, and gold details. The costume perfectly shows the queen’s moody elegance and strong power.

  • Materials and Making: The creator used a long purple robe to create the ‘Evil Queen’ costume. She then embellished a bought crown with painted gold, rubies, and jewels. Dark makeup and a white face complement the ensemble, along with a plastic sword. Lastly, a glittery rope serves as a belt. This impressive costume cost only about $30, including makeup.


Snow White Costume Mom And Daughter Disneybounding

Snow White Costume Mom And Daughter Disneybounding

Dressing up like Snow White with your daughter is an experience both of you will remember. Imagine this, you and your girl wearing matching Snow White dresses and feeling like you’re in a Disney fairy tale. It’s not just about putting on costumes; it’s about building a stronger relationship and living out a dream together.”

  • Materials and Making: Make a mother-daughter Snow White costume, focusing on Snow White’s iconic attire. The mother’s ensemble needs a yellow tutu skirt, a navy blue blouse, and red heels. Incorporate a red hairband as Snow’s signature bow. For your daughter’s dress, you can purchase a Snow White costume. The fun addition of an apple prop completes the look.


DIY Snow White Costume + Poison Apple And Evil Queen

DIY Snow White Costume + Poison Apple And Evil Queen

Add a magical touch to your Halloween celebrations with DIY Disney-inspired costumes! These costumes use materials and outfits that can easily fit any body type and can be made for women of all ages. Try this DIY project for a Disney-themed celebration you won’t forget!

  • Materials and Making: You’ll need a blue t-shirt, a yellow skater skirt, some additional blue fabric, Tulip Red Fabric Paint along with gold trim, and ribbons. Trim the skirt with a stencilled design using fabric paint. Make dramatic sleeves from blue fabric and trim with ribbons. Then, trim the t-shirt with gold, and make a headpiece from faux red roses and ribbon.


An Upcycled Snow White Costume

 An Upcycled Snow White Costume

Imagine your little girl dazzling in a DIY costume, admired by all wearing this DIY costume. Perfect for Halloween trick-or-treats, costume parties, and school plays. This handmade outfit brings joy to every event, making her feel like a star in her own fairy tale!

  • Materials and Making: Create an upcycled Snow White costume using an old blue t-shirt, light blue infant sleep sack, red fabric scraps, and yellow fabric. Modify the t-shirt to be the bodice, and use the sleep sack and red scraps for the sleeves. Sew a double-layered yellow skirt and attach it to the finished bodice. Complete the outfit with a Snow White headband made from red fabric.


Snow White Halloween Costume

Snow White Halloween Costume

Discover the expert version of a DIY Snow White Halloween costume. It’s made with real clothes like a blue lacy top and a mid-length skirt. It brings a real feel to Halloween parties. With good planning and creativity, this standout costume can wow at parties and the pieces can even be worn daily!

  • Materials and Making: For making this Make a Snow White costume, you will need a blue corset, a pale yellow A-line skirt, a dark royal blue peasant top, and a red satin ribbon. Create Snow White’s iconic sleeves by cutting the red satin ribbon into diamond shapes and stitching them onto the top’s sleeves. Complete the look with a red satin headband and matching red lipstick, and don’t forget the poison apple!


Easy Disney Snow White Evil Queen Halloween Costume

Easy Disney Snow White Evil Queen Halloween Costume

Show off your wicked side with this handmade Evil Queen Halloween Costume. Inspired by Disney’s memorable bad guys, this costume is ideal for any Disney-related Halloween function. A notable touch is the DIY poison apple purse, a clever extra that adds to the overall magical appearance.

  • Materials and Making: Assemble a semi-homemade Evil Queen costume using simple materials. Buy a dark cape, a long black skirt, and a black top with a high collar. Add gold trim and a red ribbon to the collar for added detail. Create a crown from cardstock and gold paint. Pair your outfit with a Poison Apple Purse for the perfect accessory. Complete the look with the right makeup, focusing on high and arched eyebrows, dramatic eyeshadow, and red lipstick.


DIY Easy Snow White Costume

DIY Easy Snow White Costume

Transport yourself to a fairytale world with this DIY Snow White Costume. Featuring the classic blue, yellow, and red colours, this ensemble reflects the purity and gentleness of Disney’s original princess. Perfect for Halloween or Disney-themed festivities, this outfit will doubtlessly make you stand out. While typically chosen by girls, it can be adapted for anyone.

  • Materials and Makeup: This DIY costume idea allows you to adopt a Snow White look by wearing a yellow dress paired with a blue cardigan and fastened by a red belt. Red footwear and a bow on the hair, made with ribbon, add authenticity, while the sweet signature makeup of Snow White completes the look!


Easy To Sew Snow White Peasant Dress

Easy To Sew Snow White Peasant Dress

Whether it’s for Halloween, a party, or even tea time, this DIY Snow White dress-up costume is an adorable and versatile choice. Born from a simple peasant dress pattern, your homemade outfit will be a stand-out ensemble for your little princess and a source of pride for you.

  • Materials and Making: Start with sewing the bodice. Cut a rectangle piece according to the size guide, fold it half, and sew the top part. Then, cut two rectangle pieces for sleeves and sew them to the bodice. Cut another rectangle piece for the skirt, gather it at the top, and attach it to the bodice. You can further enhance it with decorative ribbons and trims as you prefer.


DIY Snow White Costume Using Thrifted And/or Clothes In Your Closet

 easy to make Costume Using Thrifted And/or Clothes In Your Closet

Looking for a costume that balances festive flair and everyday wearability? This DIY costume fits the bill perfectly. The delightful outfit showcases Snow White’s aesthetics in a subtle manner, making it versatile enough for daily use.

  • Materials and Making: The Snow White costume is thriftily designed using a blue sweater, collared shirt, and a standout yellow midi skirt from your closet. Red ribbons from a craft store are used to create a big bow for a headband and a red belt, for some unique touches to the usual Snow White outfit.


Snow White Running Costume

Snow White Running Costume

Looking for a fun and comfortable outfit for your next Run Disney race? Look no further than this Snow White running costume tutorial! Created especially for comfort during the Disneyland Half Marathon, this charming ensemble can be tailored to fit your preferences.

  • Materials and Making: To create a Snow White running costume, you need a yellow Sparkle Athletic skirt, a running tank, and ribbons. Start by measuring your arm, cut two pieces of elastic to that size, and sew these in a circle. Cut various lengths of ribbon, pleat one end, and pin to the tank, aligning the longer ribbons to the shoulder seam. Adjust as needed. Optional components include a cape and collar for added authenticity.


Modern Day Snow White Costume

Modern Day Costume

Are you a fashion-forward individual eager to maintain your style no matter the situation? Then this modern take on a Snow White costume is suited just for you. Using clothes you might already have and a touch of creativity, you can create a stylish and colourful version of the classic Snow White dress.

  • Materials and Making: This modern-day Snow White costume mainly uses items already owned, like a red cardigan and white blouse. A blue tank is converted into a bodice using gold roping glued on top. A red satin ribbon is hot-glued around an existing headband for a bow. The skirt is made following a MADE tutorial, using yellow fabric and elastic. The patent red flats complete the look.


Snow White Dress DIY

 White Dress

Show off your crafting and sewing skills by creating this DIY costume for your little one, making her feel like a queen. This charming outfit is a crowd favorite and sure to attract admiration in your Instagram posts.

  • Materials and Making: The DIY Snow White costume involves creating pleated blue and red sleeves, tracing a t-shirt to make a bodice, and adding a yellow stripe down the middle. A high collar is optionally added, using a fusible stabilizer for stiffness. The costume is completed with a long yellow skirt, attached to the bodice with topstitching.


Evil Queen And Snow White Costume

Evil Queen And Costume

Experience the magic of fairy tales by dressing up as the Evil Queen while covering your daughter in the ‘Snow White’ outfit. Offering a vibrant blend of creativity and style, this DIY costume project adds a personalized touch to your Halloween celebrations. Let the festive magic weave its charm as you flaunt these fascinating costumes.

  • Materials and Makeup: The Snow White costume is thriftily designed using a blue sweater, collared shirt, and a standout yellow midi skirt from your closet. Red ribbons from a craft store are used to create a big bow for a headband and a red belt for some unique touches to the usual Snow White outfit.


DIY The Classic Snow White Costume For Halloween

The Classic Costume For Halloween

Get ready for Halloween with this DIY Snow White costume guide. The costume includes a blue top, a yellow skirt, satin sleeves, and sparkly sequins. Complete the fairy tale look with Snow White’s usual makeup and hairstyle. This costume brings your favourite storybook character to life simply and effectively.

  • Materials and Making:: This DIY Snow White costume is designed using a blue Chicastic Corset, a Choies Yellow Midi Skirt, and yellow Glaze Ankle Strap Sandals. The sleeves are made from blue satin strips sewn into tubes with red felt pieces glued all around. The sleeves are then sewn onto the corset, which is decorated with a blue sequin ribbon for extra sparkle.


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