13 DIY Ladybug Costume Ideas Extra Cute Attires!

DIY Ladybug Costume Ideas

Not many insects are as cute as the spotted ladybug. Whether you prefer them in red, orange, or yellow, now catch that look with these DIY ladybug costume ideas. Whether you want to copy the Miraculous Ladybug character or make a more realistic look winged ladybug, all these help to mold lady beetle into human comfy wearables. Most of these are as simple and comfortable as your daily wear and so appealing to be attentive in fancy dress parties.

DIY Ladybug Costume Ideas with Guides

DIY Ladybug Costume Ideas 1

DIY Ladybug costumes are perfect for remembering the old child memories in a new way and trying a gift that will be a new memory for little ones. Whether inspired by cartoons or natural scenery, you will interestingly make them for all.

There are different types of DIY ladybug costumes that you can make. A basic ladybug costume uses a red or black dress, or both layered to each as a base (whether top and tutu, pants and shirt, or maxi and leggings). Then, use black felt or fabric to create spots and adhere them to your dress. You can put the thin metallic rod into the black pipe cleaner for the antennae and then add the pom poms at the end. Ultimately, you can cut the felt and sew along the arms.

For a Miraculous Ladybug costume, you’ll need a red bodysuit instead. Use black fabric paint or felt to create the spots. You’ll also need a blue wig and mask to capture her full look. Both costumes are easy and fun to make! However, you will find many other DIY ladybug costume ideas below, like Lego ladybug, dog ladybug, baby ladybug, and more.

DIY Ladybug Costume

DIY Ladybug Costume

Create a gorgeous DIY Ladybug Costume for your child with this easy-to-follow DIY guide. It is the outfit that she will love to wear at all the festivals, school plays, and Halloween parties.

  • Materials: You only need large faux eyelashes, round sunglasses, black felt adhesive circles, a red dress, and a black headband.
  • Making: Glue the eyelashes to the sunglasses for the bug’s eyes, and attach black chenille pipe cleaners and pom-poms to the headband for the feelers. Finally, stick black felt circles onto the red dress to complete the charming outfit.


DIY Miraculous Ladybug Costume With Reversible Mask

DIY Miraculous Ladybug Costume With Reversible Mask

This comfortable and flexible costume is perfect for playtime, allowing full mobility for your child’s jumps and jigs. The costume offers a delightful twist with its reversible mask that can switch between Ladybug and Cat Noir designs.

  • Materials:  This costume uses household items like a red sweatsuit, painting accessories, punch, black fleece, a mask, and elastic.
  • Making: Create a spot template using a 2-inch circle punch to craft a Ladybug costume. Prepare the sweatpants and shirt, inserting cardboard into the shirt to prevent paint bleeding. Apply black spots using the template, and allow to dry before flipping to add spots on the other side. The mask is made by simply painting small black dots and adding elastic on the ends.


DIY Halloween Costumes Lego & Ladybug

DIY Halloween Costumes Lego & Ladybug

Consider these LEGO and Ladybug creations if you’re seeking easy, DIY Halloween costumes for your kids. They make the perfect duo for to rock the Halloween trick or treatings or any costume compitition.

  • Materials: The LEGO outfit needs a box, some spray paint, and round cardboard boxes for the bumps. The cute Ladybug costume involves red felt half-circles as wings and black felt spots attached to a basic black turtleneck. A red pettiskirt and black leggings complete the look.
  • Making: The Lego costume involves a spray-painted cardboard box with matching round boxes attached as Lego bumps. Meanwhile, the Ladybug costume involves attaching red felt wings and black spots to a turtleneck, a red pettiskirt, and black leggings.


Make A Kid’s Ladybug Costume For Halloween

Make A Kid's Ladybug Costume For Halloween

This DIY costume not only adds a playful twist to your child’s personality but also keeps her warm and cozy by using a hoodie!

  • Materials: The charming kid’s ladybug costume uses simple materials like a red sweatshirt, black felt, tulle, and a green felt tote bag for trick-or-treating.
  • Making: Cut black felt circles and sew them onto the sweatshirt as spots. Create a red and black tulle tutu by attaching it to an elastic waistband. Make antennae with two black pipe cleaners on a headband and curl the ends. Pair the outfit with black tights or leggings and shoes. Finally, attach green felt leaf shapes to the tote bag for a unique touch.


DIY Wings Ladybug Halloween Costume

DIY Wings Ladybug Halloween Costume

This DIY Ladybug costume is a treat for your child and your pocket, costing under $1.

  • Materials: The DIY costume comes to life using bendable wire hangers, tights, felt, elastic, ribbons, needle/thread, hot glue gun, and fabric glue.
  • Making: The wings are made from easily bendable wire hangers and thin nylons or tights. Stiff felt cut out as hearts add flair while serving as the junction point for the wings. Elastic ensures a proper fit around the arms and shoulders. Complete the costume with black leggings, a red tutu, and an antennae headband.


DIY Ladybug Wings

DIY Ladybug Wings

These easy-to-make wings are the perfect addition to a fancy dress or a pair of leggings and a long-sleeved tee. Ideal for beginners, this cute project promises to add a fun touch to your kid’s costume.

  • Materials: For this DIY costume, All you need is an old red T-shirt, a small piece of black fabric, elastic, and a few other supplies.
  • Making: Trace wing shapes onto a cereal box, cut fabric, sew pieces together, and attach elastic for a simple, charming costume addition.


How To Make A Ladybird Costume

How To Make A Ladybird Costume

Watch your child transform into an adorable ladybug, showcasing the charming essence of these beautiful insects in a memorable, heartwarming costume.Perfect for all those young ladybird admirers, this costume can be fashioned with metallic felt or any red fabric for the wings.

  • Materials :This tutorial outlines making a DIY ladybird costume with a winged outfit and antennae headband, using materials like red and black felt, pompoms, wool, pipe cleaners, and elastic.


DIY Ladybug Costume For Baby

DIY Ladybug Costume For Baby

This creative DIY concept presents a delightful guide for crafting a ladybug costume for infants, making it perfect for Halloween festivities and other celebratory events. The costume involves creating a cozy dotted wing set and a cute matching hat, perfect for showing off your child’s cuteness.

  • Materials: This easy-to-follow tutorial requires basic items like red wool felt and black knit fabric.
  • Making:  Draw a wing pattern and cut it from the felt; create dots, cut, and glue these onto the wings. Add a black ‘underwing’ pillow to the wings for puffiness. For the cap, trace an existing baby hat, draw eyes, and sew these onto the cap. Attach ties to the wings for secure wearing.


DIY Lady Bug Costume For Dog

DIY Lady Bug Costume For Dog

Looking for a fun, DIY Halloween costume for your dog? Then, this DIY idea offers adorable suggestions, such as a Ladybug and Unicorn costume that is easy to make and involves your furry friend in the Halloween celebration. These creative costumes are perfect for making your pet the center of attention at any festive event.

  • Materials: All you need is some felt, yarn, headbands, and your imagination!
  • Making: For the Ladybug costume, Wrap pipe cleaner around a headband for antennae. Cut dots from black felt and wings from red felt. Attach dots to wings, then secure wings to the dog’s harness using yarn. For the Unicorn costume, Make a horn from construction paper and foam. Secure a yarn mane to the headband. Finally, create leg warmers by attaching a fluffy boa to felt rectangles and tying them on your dog’s legs.


Lovely Little Ladybug Costumes

Lovely Little Ladybug Costumes

This simple, inexpensive, warm costume is perfect for Halloween or any dress-up occasion. The costume is just perfect for siblings and dressing up children, including toddlers and the young.

  • Materials: This costume involves red and black felt, a glue gun, and some basic sewing.
  • Making: Measure arm span for fabric width and cut red felt wings. Cut a large circle for the head. Shape the front fabric to cover the body. Cut and glue black spots onto the red fabric. Reinforce the neckline with a black felt.


Miraculous Ladybug Costume DIY

Miraculous Ladybug Costume DIY

Consider creating this DIY ladybug-inspired costume for your child. It’s simple enough to involve the child and serves as a fun opportunity for bonding through crafting.

  • Materials: The costume requires a few materials like a red athletic t-shirt, a red tulle skirt, red velvet fabric for a cape, pom-poms, and paint.
  • Making: Paint black spots on a red shirt. Glue black pom-poms onto a red tulle skirt. Cut a cape from red velvet, attach it to the shirt, and paint more spots. Create a felt eye mask with spots and attach strings.


DIY Ladybug Costume

DIY Ladybug Costume 1

Here’s another DIY ladybug costume that is ready to infuse your child with a lot of charm and festive allure.

  • Materials:  This no-sew costume requires a black crochet headband, red and black tulle, large pom-poms, a black t-shirt, and red costume butterfly wings
  • Making: Begin by creating a tulle tutu dress and attach black pom-pom spots. Pair it with red butterfly wings and a ladybug headpiece made from a black ribbon-wrapped headband. Resulting in an irresistibly cute and easy-to-make costume for toddlers.


How To Make A Cute Baby Ladybug Costume

How To Make A Cute Baby Ladybug Costume

Get your child ready for Halloween with this darling Ladybug Costume given in this DIY idea. It is easy enough for beginner DIYers; it is a costume for Halloween and other get-gathers that keep your baby warm and toasty.

  • Materials: Supplies needed to create a DIY Ladybug Costume featuring items such as a red jacket, black felt, various glassware, and a hot-glue gun.
  • Making: Pair a black turtleneck and pants with a red jacket embellished with black felt spots affixed with double-stick tape. Add black shoes, mittens, and a cap equipped with antennae for the complete look.


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