15 DIY Witch Costume Ideas For Halloween

DIY Witch Costume Ideas

Welcome the spooky season this year by making a super terrifying but fun costume, getting inspiration from these easier DIY witch costume ideas. They’re quite fun to put your creative skills on board and are always great to help you follow the spooky trend this Halloween.

DIY Witch Costume Ideas

DIY Witch Costume Ideas 1

All of the amazing Witch costume ideas we gathered here are great for spreading the aroma of black magic around. Whether you want a highly terrifying look of a witch in fire or one with a melted face, you’ll find the best inspiration down the series.

Although we also focused on cute little princesses that can turn into the cutest witches with some modifications to their regular wear. These pretty witches will be one of a kind in the world whom everyone wants to kiss, hug, and give love to.

If you want your witch Halloween costume to be done without mess, follow the given tips before getting the materials. These suggestions will help you select the best one.

  • Dress: Some witch costumes are made using complete body dresses, although mostly black shirts are on trend and have to be perfect in size. The tighter-fitted ones will suit you best; if you’re looking for something more crafty, you can go with the patterned arm options it’s totally personally like.
  • Hat: We can say that the hat is the most prominent part of any witch costume, so go with the best option while selecting it. The most famous hats are made of foam, fabric, and some other patterned, wired, lacy ones; you can select the best one up to your costume.
  • Broomstick: My personal favorite thing in a witch’s outlook is the broomstick in her hand. It can be bought online there are numerous fabulous options available. Although making one yourself is also fun and easy, go with a simple stick by tying some thicker bushes at its one end; you can make a broomstick for yourself.

Homemade Witch Costume

Homemade Witch Costume

Let’s get in the mood for Halloween by whipping up this amazing homemade witch costume. It’ll be a great photo prop for the November parties and always great to sparkle your love for crafting, especially regarding wearables. You must sew a black-green tulle to your simple halter top, then pair a witch hat on your head and complete your look with minimal blushing and makeup. You can also have a broomstick and make some monumental snaps to enjoy for the rest of the year.


Witch Costume

Witch Costume

Follow this article if you’re looking for an addition to the store-bought witch costumes. It’s easier to do and surely be great to spread the aroma of black magic on your Halloween parties. Get the cheesecloth in hand, apply some dyes in spooky ( purple, blue, black ), and drape it all over the shoulders, hats, and everywhere in your unique style to finish in the look of a witch that just flew down from the black universe.


Free Witch Hat Pattern + DIY Witch Costume

Free Witch Hat Pattern + DIY Witch Costume

Your princess must be beautiful, but let’s turn her into a cute little witch for the next Halloween party with this admirable costume creation. It’ll be a pure showoff for your sewing and crafting skills. You’ll have to make a Polly peasant dress with the added lacy borders along the sleeves. Its creation will be very fun. The creator has also mentioned how to make the most beautiful hat for this costume. Although you can buy it online, crafting it will be a fabulous option to fill it with love.


Blazing Witch On Fire Costume

Blazing Witch On Fire Costume

Upgrade your simple-bought vintage witch costume with some heat blowing out following this amazing idea. It will be a great option for a sarcastic touch to your witch costume, and you can make some dramatic photos to relive the Halloween moments anytime you want. You have to bring out some sewing skills, follow the easier guidelines provided by the creator in the below link, and surely thank me later!


How To Create An Easy No-sew Witch Costume

How To Create An Easy No-sew Witch Costume

If you wanna be a witch this Halloween But have a lot of household to do, following this amazing guide will surely be the best option for you. All you have to do is mix cornstarch in a bowl to create makeup, then follow along with the spooky black dress with lacy arms. You can finish this costume up with purple shows combined with the black-purple lining socks and end up being a terrified witch with the broomstick in hand.


How To Make A Bewitchingly Easy Kid’s Witch Costume

How To Make A Bewitchingly Easy Kid’s Witch Costume

This amazingly easy but unique costume makes your trick-or-treat time more fun and memorable. It’s made in the style of a decently longer trouse with a pocket on the front to make your princess look like a cute witch. Making this costume itself is easy and well explained in the link below, although you can use your crafty spirit to turn a simple stick into a broom!


DIY No-sew Witch Costume

DIY No-sew Witch Costume

If you want to save money spent on storebought costumes, following this amazing article will surely benefit you. Here, the creator will guide you on selecting the best shirt and tulle for making a witch costume for your little one and share the hack to find the most affordable witch hat for your kid’s costume. It will be a masterpiece to make your kid a conversation starter and surely the pride of any Halloween party.


How To Make A Witch Costume

How To Make A Witch Costume

Use the large black bin bags to make an inexpensive and unique witch costume for your little one. It’ll be the easiest and the cheapest witch costume creation one has ever followed. Just cut those bin bags into larger straps and sew them on an elastic band, then pair this band along with the plain shirt and legging shows and make your little girl look like a witch in no time.


DIY Burnt Witch Costume And Makeup

DIY Burnt Witch Costume And Makeup

This one is basically a makeup tutorial. The creator of this guide bought the plain with costume and other accessories like a hat, broomstick, and shoes online and followed them right up to doing creepy makeup to look like a witch is melting in the heat of his bad deeds. It’s still a worthy read and surely great to sparkle the motion of witches and Halloween in yourself.


DIY Glinda And Wicked Witch Costumes

Glinda And Wicked Costumes

Start making Halloween costumes by yourself following this easier Glinda and Wicked with costume inspiration. It can be a fun project with excellent outcomes compared to a storebought costume. You’ll need a crown, glittery felt paper, scissors, an elastic band, and a plain long-length costume. This will surely be a decent showoff for your crafty skills, and you’ll admire this project.


Make A Kid’s Witch Costume

Make A Kid's Witch Costume

Turn your little princess into a cute-looking witch with this best-ever costume idea one has ever made. It requires a black, no-sew tutu according to your kid’s body size, a foam-made witch hat that gives this costume a top-notch look, and a homemade broom in her hand to look like it just flew off a horror journey from the mountains.


No Sew DIY Witch Costume

No Sew spooky Costume

Wanna dress your kid like a witch for their next pumpkin season, follow this super amazing guide to help you. It looks extremely beautiful cause of the unique color mixes, although the creator has used different supplies from the store. It’s just an instructional guide but a must-follow one for the DIYers who want to sparkle the beauty of craftiness in their Halloween celebrations.


Stylish Witch Halloween Costume

Stylish Halloween Costume

Hey ladies, let’s get in touch for the Halloween vibe with the softest and unique costume made by livinglesh. It’s surely a masterpiece costume made by doing keen research at Amazon and surely great to win the hearts of many. Get access to a laced gothic witch hat, a velvet dress, patterned first thighs, and some other stunning accessories to look like a remarkable witch that everyone will surely fall in love with.


DIY Witch Costume

easy to make spooky Costume

This super fun Halloween costume will surely make you the town talk for the next gathering. It should be great to be a part of spooky season wear and also perfect to sutnn the whole crowd for the November 5th night. You can make it easily using a laced black dress with white striped on the front, a super spooky hat, and some other amazing options to turn into a one-of-a-kind witch costume that everyone should love.


DIY The Ultimate Witch Costume

The Ultimate spooky Costume

Want to go to a Halloween party or in a hurry for the spooky season? Surely, a simple patterned witch hat and a black shirt can also go well for you, but this guide has something fabulous to share. Follow the amazing tips and tricks discussed below and turn your simple accessories into a fun Halloween costume with minimal effort.


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