14 DIY King Costume Ideas For Whole Family

DIY King Costume Ideas

If you want to look like a royal family member for the next Halloween party, the cosplay event at school, or anywhere else, following this list of DIY king costume ideas will be a perfect option. You can go with the simplest supplies available, but their combined effect will surely be royal and fantasized and give you an emperor’s feel.

Easy DIY King Costume

DIY King Costume Ideas 1

You can go with these costumes and be ready to replicate the look of the jungle’s king, Ice King, or any of the king’s family. We have provided all the necessary information about making these costumes, like choosing the material and the making process; if something is to DIY, we have also mentioned instruction for it.

The main attributes of king costume ideas:

  • Crown: This is the most visible symbol of a king. It should be golden or silver with faux gems for a royal touch.
  • Robe: A long, flowing robe often made of velvet or satin to appear regal. Common colors are deep red, royal blue, deep purple, or black.
  • Scepter: A king is often depicted with a scepter, a staff symbolizing authority.
  • Tunic or Suit: A king might wear a tunic or suit underneath the robe. The design can vary but should generally give off an air of elegance.
  • Medallion or Necklace: A large or ornate necklace can add to the regal look.
  • Cape: Some king costumes include a cape, often lined with faux fur.
  • Riding Boots: Thick, dark-colored boots can round out a king costume.
  • Beard and Mustache: Depending on the historical period the costume is aiming for, an artificial beard and mustache can be added.
  • Gloves: Some stylized king costumes include gloves.

Budget-Friendly Lion King Family Costume

Budget-Friendly Lion King Family Costume

The Diary of a Debutante’s DIY Lion King family costume guide is a clever mix of affordability and cute design. They easily turn regular clothes into fun portrayals of famous characters, even making costumes for pets! This delightful tutorial presents a lovely way to unite the family, including pets, in charming Lion King-themed dressing.

  • Materials and Making: For the DIY Lion King costumes, the Zazu costume was made by cutting and tying different colored feather boas onto an elastic band, while Zazu’s face was made with foam boards and a googly eye. The Rafiki costume consisted of a grey jogger and t-shirt, with a white felt oval for the belly and red ornaments attached to a stick for Rafiki’s staff. The easy lion costumes for the dogs involved simply placing lion mane wigs onto their heads.


King Candy Costume

King Candy Costume

This costume can be useful if you’re conducting a play or drama that includes King Candy’s character. The attention to detail, vibrant colors, and imaginative design capture the character’s essence brilliantly. Start making it today!

  • Materials and Making: The base consisted of a blazer layered over a beige bell-sleeve dress and a button-up blouse. The cuffs of the dress resemble King Candy’s cuffs, and a scarf was utilized as a big bow. A red broomstick was repurposed into King Candy’s white ribbon cane. A golden crown was made using craft cardstock, finishing off with a brown cardstock strip to fit around the wearer’s bun.


DIY Tiger King Costume

DIY Tiger King Costume

Unleash your wild side with this DIY Tiger King costume. The costume perfectly captures the aesthetic of Tiger King in a way that never goes too overboard and is ideal for visiting a safari park. Whether you’re taking a photo for a magazine or having a lion-themed photoshoot with your house cat, this costume is perfect.

  • Materials and Making: Key items of this DIY costume idea include a blond mullet wig, oversized sunglasses, a sequin shirt, and a horseshoe mustache. The essence of Joe’s style is captured with sporty sunglasses, blue jeans or khaki pants, and a baseball cap or western-style hat. A stuffed toy tiger or an actual tiger costume worn by another family member completes the look.


DIY Upcycled No-sew Lion Costume

DIY Upcycled No-sew Lion Costume

His DIY costume is sure to make your event special and memorable. Their brilliant, no-sew, upcycled guide lets you create a vibrant jungle king from scratch! Perfect for Halloween, play, or as a fun art project, this DIY is sure to impress

  • Materials This DIY Lion King-inspired costume is crafted from a pizza box, a paper plate, an old box, raffia, a masquerade mask, and paint.
  • Making: A circle is cut from the pizza box and painted to resemble a lion’s mane. The mask template is traced onto the box, cut out, painted, and glued to the mane. Raffia’s added for texture. A paper plate is painted and cut for the neckwear. The completed mask is attached to a stick for holding.


This Super Adorable Homemade Lion Costume

This Super Adorable Homemade Lion Costume

Behold this super adorable homemade lion costume, a perfect blend of simplicity and cuteness. This no-fuss creation is as easy to make as it is delightful. Whether it’s for a school play or a playful Halloween outfit, this costume captures the charm and warmth of a cuddly lion cub.

  • Materials and Making: The homemade lion costume was made using brown fleece fabric and longer tan fabric for the lion-like fur. The lion outfit was sewn based on the child’s pajamas’ dimensions. Fur was added to the arms, legs, and neck, and a tail was made from the fabric. The costume was completed with a hood, with fur added on top for effect, and was colored with a dark brown marker to create depth.


King And Queen Costume

King And Queen Costume

This DIY costume idea highlights a captivating world of creativity and affection, brought to life through unique handmade gifts. The charming king’s cape and crown and the lovely queen’s outfit represent the magic of childhood imagination. So, bring your children’s fantasy to the next level and make these costumes!

  • Materials and Making: The King’s costume used a crown and cape. The crown was designed on paper, traced and cut from felt, then decorated with glued gems. The cape was designed using fabrics like faux fur and stretch velvet. The Queen’s crown was similarly created, while a simple, long, gathered skirt embellished with wool felt balls and a sparkly knit elastic waistband served as the perfect accessory.


DIY King Of Clubs Costume

DIY King Of Clubs Costume

Be the star of any party with this DIY costume made using regular dressing and fun accessories. Inspired by a nightclub king, the costume incorporates clever wordplay into its design. Definitely, it’s a standout costume idea worthy of applause!

  • Materials and Making: To make the DIY King of Clubs costume, first gather clothing items and accessories separately from costume stores, such as a suit, glasses, a necklace, and a Halloween hat. The key element of the costume is the King of Clubs card, which can be made at home. Take a piece of cardboard and paint the King of Club’s design using acrylic paint. Once the paint is dry, attach the painted card to your outfit, making sure it’s visible. Complete the look by doing proper makeup and writing letters on the glasses.


King Arthur Costume

King Arthur Costume

The King Arthur costume reflects a majestic and ancient charm.  It pays homage to King Arthur, a legendary hero known for his bravery and nobleness. It is a timeless choice for anyone seeking to channel their inner royalty. So, make this DIY costume and let your child rule any show!

  • Materials and Making: The Young King Arthur costume starts with a gold unitard. The tunic, made from a white men’s t-shirt, is trimmed with gold ribbons and features an iron-on dragon. The foam core crown and sword are both made from foam and painted with gold acrylic paint. Existing parts of a knight costume were added as accessories, or you can DIY using an old silver hoodie.


The Lion King Costume Series Simba

The Lion King Costume Series Simba

The Simba costume from the Lion King Series goes beyond just dressing up. It motivates your child to embrace an adventurous spirit and enjoy life fully. Made with care and detail, this costume is a great choice for anyone, regardless of age, who wants to express courage, bravery, and a sense of royalty.

  • Materials and Making: Begin with a long-sleeve PJ top and pants in sunshine color. Using felt in brown, black, and gold/yellow, cut out the required shapes for the ears, belly, and paws. Attach them to the PJs using fabric glue. Add a headband with pipe cleaners for the ears. Finish the look with whiskers or face paint if desired.


Royal King Costume

Royal Costume

Made with love, creativity, and simple materials, the costume consists of a home-crafted crown, cape, and pants, transforming the child into a royal. This splendid creation showcases the charm of homemade costumes and also has a bag for storing sweets during trick-or-treating adventures.

  • Materials and Making: You will begin your journey by designing a crown from felt, muslin, elastic, and three diamond-shaped adornments. Create a cape from crushed panne velvet, ricocheted along the sides. For pants, sew two pieces together using Jansdotter’s pattern from “Simple Sewing for Baby,” adding ruffles on top and at the pant legs.


Mr. Rogers Land Of Make Believe King Friday Inspired Costume

Mr. Rogers Land Of Make Believe Friday Inspired Costume

This costume is an excellent choice for imaginative everyday play, as well as for school plays or Halloween tricks or treatings. The costume is simple; all you need to add is a cape over the daily clothes and a glittery crown made from foam sheets.

  • Materials and Making: Creating a King Friday costume involves a few steps. Firstly, a crown is fashioned using stiffened felt and glitter fabric, then attached to the head with elastic. Secondly, a cape is devised from purple satin, adorned with gold trim, and fastened with a grosgrain ribbon. Lastly, the outfit is finished with a simple blue t-shirt. It results in a costume that captures the regal exuberance of Mr. Rogers’ well-loved character.


DIY Kids Cleopatra And King Tut Halloween Costumes

Kids Cleopatra Tut Halloween Costumes

Bring back the ancient vibe this Halloween with this DIY idea, making your girl a Cleopatra and your toddler King. The costume idea is just perfect for all your festive needs and occasions.So, start making them today as there’s not always late to prepare for the Halloween!

  • Materials and Making: First, gather the necessary materials to craft DIY Cleopatra and King Tut costumes. For Cleopatra, cut and sew fabric to match the desired design. For King Tut, fashion a headdress from striped fabric, attaching it to an elastic band to drape at both sides. Finish with desired embellishments, and your royal costumes are complete.


King And Queen Of Hearts Costumes

Queen Of Hearts Costumes

This costume is made for the Valentine’s Day Kids Crafternoon. They have the cute and royal look of the queen and King with the adorable heart-attached crowns, Heart embellishments, and scepter made from the dowel.

  •  Make Crowns: Cut out the crown shape from the gold glitter cardstock. Secure red glitter foam heart stickers on the crown to create the heart pattern. Add gemstones as desired for extra embellishment. Attach elastic or ribbon to hold the crown on the head, and you are done!
  • Create Scepters: Cut the red felt into heart shapes. Glue or sew the hearts onto the top of the white dowels. Wrap gold ribbons around the dowel and secure them with glue.
  • For the King: Wear a white polo shirt, layer it with a red crewneck sweater, and pair it with blue pants.
  • For the Queen: Wear a white polo shirt, layer it with a blue cardigan, and pair it with a pink or red skirt.


Ice King Costume

easy to make Ice Costume

Get ready to receive the ghosty compliment this Halloween with this DIY costume which has a  spooky but admirable look. The costume is ideal for all ages and is perfect for costume-themed partiers and costume rallies.

  • Materials and Making: First, sew a robe using blue fabric tailored to the wearer’s measurements. For the crown, use a cardboard crown from a restaurant, cut it into the correct shape, and paint it yellow with red jewels. Create a beard and hair using white fur fabric and hot glue it to the inside of the modified crown. Lastly, paint the wearer’s face with blue and white face paint, and apply the beard using spirit gum or fake eyelash glue, completing the unique costume.


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