16 DIY Gnome Costume Ideas For Guards Of Earth Treasure

DIY Gnome Costume Ideas

Let’s replicate the look of a gnome this Halloween following one of these fun and amusing DIY gnome costume ideas. Mostly these costumes are made by keeping kids in mind, but we also put together gnome costume ideas for adults, making this series best among others.

DIY Gnome Costume Ideas

DIY Gnome Costume Ideas 1

You can easily be a gnome just by following some simple tips below:

  • Pointy Hat: A pointy hat is the prominent feature of a gnome’s costume; mostly, you need to go with the red hat with a long pointy top and a sharp tip.
  • White Beard: You can make a white beard using different things like white fur, cardboard, felt fabric, etc.

Having these two accessories on, you can turn any of your wear into a gnome costume, keep the theme in mind. So whether you’re heading to a Halloween party or looking to be a cosplay character for any occasion, following these gnome costume ideas will always hit with something best.

No-Sew Garden Gnome Costume

No-Sew Garden Gnome Costume

With just a few easily accessible materials, you can quickly transform your child into a charming woodland character. Perfect for Halloween, school plays, and themed parties, this adorable costume is as effortless as enchanting. So, Enjoy the whimsy of your garden gnome, minus any sewing hassles!

  • Making:  Make a cone-shaped red hat using glue and fabric, and attach fur to the elastic to make a beard and a gnome-like belt using felt. Combine with a blue shirt and black pants for a charming little garden gnome. If making for the trick or treating, pair it with the wooden basket.
  • Materials:  The costume comes to life using basic materials like a small blue shirt, felt in red, black, and yellow, craft fur, elastic cord, liquid stitch or hot glue, and velcro. 


Garden Gnome Costume

Garden Gnome Costume

Imagine easily transforming your child into an adorable gnome with this DIY costume. The outfit captures the details of a gnome and ensures comfort for your child. Plus, you can customize it using any desired clothing items. It’s a simple yet delightful way to create a charming look for your little one.

  • Materials: The materials required for this DIY Garden Gnome Costume are a glue gun, craft foam, sharpie, pipe cleaners, felt, cotton balls, a pair of suspenders, a plaid or flannel shirt, and bright-colored pants.
  • Making: Make a cone-shaped felt hat, glue pipe cleaners for the beard, add cotton ball details to highlight the bead and make eyebrows, and customize suspenders with craft foam buttons. Pair with a plaid shirt and colorful pants; you have made a perfect costume for your child.


Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome

Sprinkle some fun at your child’s next event with this DIY Garden Gnome costume. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on fun and creativity. Plus, the costume takes only a few minutes to complete, so you’ll have less time crafting and more time for celebrating.

  • Materials: This DIY Garden Gnome Costume demands measuring tape, red, white, and brown felt, a hot glue gun, scissors, velcro, a black elastic band, a grey baby or toddler bottom, and a blue baby or toddler top for completion.
  • Making: To create a Garden Gnome costume, measure your child’s head and cut a cone-shaped hat from red felt. Trace a beard pattern onto white felt and attach it like a bib using Velcro. Fasten a brown felt square to a black elastic band to serve as a belt. Dress your child in a blue top and grey bottom to complete the look.


DIY Gnome Costume

DIY Gnome Costume

Get ready for your child to steal the show with this charming, whimsical attire! This costume is simple to create and budget-friendly, converting your child’s existing outfit into this festive ensemble. You have complete freedom to customize the look and also personalize it by experimenting with different color combinations, length, and design of the cap and beard, as well as by adding other embellishments.

  • Materials: The materials required for this DIY Garden Gnome Costume are an oversized sweater, bulky pants, red and white felt, glue gun or needle and thread, large buttons, an old belt, and a pair of high boots.
  • Making: Start with an oversized sweater and bulky pants. Use red and white felt to make a conical hat and a beard. Add large buttons to the sweater and use an old belt for authenticity. Finish with a pair of high boots for a quick and adorable gnome outfit.


DIY Garden Gnome Costume

DIY Garden Gnome Costume

Follow this DIY costume idea to create a magical ensemble for your little ones that showcases their inner gnome. This  has a must-have gnome hat and a toadstool bag, perfect for storing sweets during trick-or-treating nights.

  • Materials: The materials required for this DIY Garden Gnome Costume are a white button-up shirt, a skirt, a pinafore, a gnome hat, teal knit tights, a toadstool bag, and art foam wrapped in red fabric.
  • Making: Creating a DIY Garden Gnome Costume involves crafting an outfit from a white button-up shirt, a skirt, a pinafore, and a gnome hat. Throw in a pair of teal knit tights and a special toadstool bag. Finish off by transforming a piece of art foam wrapped in the red fabric into a conical hat. The complete making of each accessory and suggestion are sketchmatic described in the given below:


How To Make A Gnome Halloween Costume

How To Make A Gnome Halloween Costume

Elevate your Halloween celebrations with this versatile DIY gnome costume, perfect for children of all ages and genders. This ensemble adds fun and magic to any trick-or-treat adventure as well as costume-themed parties, and it serves as an enjoyable crafting experience for the whole family.

  • Materials: Before starting gather the materials like felt (in various colors for the hat, beard, belt, and boots), hot glue or thread, and a measuring tape.
  • Making: To create a DIY Gnome Halloween Costume, use felt to create a conical hat, eyebrows, and a layered beard using the felt materials. The pieces are assembled using hot glue or sewing, and the hat and beard are customized to fit the wearer’s measurements. Finally, create a felt belt and knee-high wraps to mimic boots,pair it with any pants and shirt, and for more appeal hold a stick.


Shattered Garden Gnome Costume

Shattered Garden Gnome Costume

Introduce a spooky twist on a classic with this Gnome Costume for an unforgettable Halloween. This interesting outfit combines the typical garden gnome look with a creepy touch, making it perfect for any spooky event. Both kids and adults will enjoy this imaginative take on a classic character that is sure to be a conversation starter.

  • Materials: Crafting this DIY costume only calls for Garden gnome outfit, white cream for base, black and brown eyeliners, grey cream, fake lashes, and lip liner with gloss. 
  • Making: The journey of making this costume starts with Shattered Garden Gnome costume, with a garden gnome outfit. Apply white cream as a base, then sketch out broken lines with black eyeliner. Embellish with fake lashes, exaggerated lip liner, and gloss. Add depth with grey cream on the broken lines and brown liner on the edges. Personalize as desired. This spooky, creative costume is sure to be a hit.


How To Make A Gnome Costume

How To Make A Gnome Costume

For those who appreciate traditional and cultural costumes, this costume is a real treat. Whether for a Renaissance festival or Halloween, craft and wear this creative ensemble for a memorable experience.

  • Materials: The materials required for this DIY Gnome Costume are a Scandinavian peasant tunic/bodice, a skirt, a red gnome hat, a beard (optional), and props or embroidery materials for additional decoration.
  • Making: Start with a Scandinavian peasant tunic/bodice and skirt in red, blue, or gray that you can make yourself or buy online. The size should be similar to an 8 to 10-year-old child. Adorn with a red hat and optionally include a beard. Accessorize with props or complete your look with makeup as done in the picture. For more info in the link below:


Wee Gnome Halloween Costume

Wee Gnome Halloween Costume

This costume is fast and easy to make and offers a fresh fairy-tale twist for Halloween.From sewing a quirky hat to crafting a fluffy beard, this step-by-step guide allows you to create a memorable and delightfully gnome-like ensemble for your little one.

  • Materials: For this DIY Wee Gnome Costume, you’ll need a primary-colored shirt, brown shorts, red boots, striped legwarmers, red fabric, white fur, velcro, and miniature garden tools.
  • Making: To assemble a Wee Gnome Halloween costume, use a primary-colored shirt, brown shorts, red boots, and striped legwarmers. Craft a gnome hat from red fabric, a beard & eyebrows from white fur, and acquire tiny garden tools as props. Attach the beard to the hat with velcro for easier wear.


DIY Gnome Costumes

DIY Gnome Costumes

What’s more charming than creating a pair of crochet gnome costumes for siblings? These costumes are not only easy to make but also repurpose daily clothes, costing only $15.00 for both. Customize the costumes by adding new appliques, badges, or any other fun detail you desire.

  • Materials and Making: Create adorable gnome costumes by repurposing items in your kids’ wardrobe. For a girl’s costume, layer a patterned skirt, apron, and colorful leggings, and for a boy’s costume, use red flannel pajama pants, a plaid shirt, suspenders, and boots. Make gnome hats and embellish with felt mushrooms, and create a beard from soft fabric for added charm. Complete the look with blush on their cheeks for a rosy gnome appearance.


Easy DIY Felt Gnome Halloween Costume

Easy Felt Halloween Costume

Whether hosting a Halloween party or attending one as a guest, dress your children in these matching gnome costumes. Utilizing a blue color scheme and focusing on minor details that give a professional touch, these costumes exude a cute gnome aesthetic.

  • Materials: For the DIY Felt Gnome Halloween costume, you’ll need an existing dress or shirt for templates, felt in various colors, a simple online tutorial for the hat, batting to stuff the hat, a sewing machine, and glue.
  • Making: To create the DIY Felt Gnome Halloween costumes, utilize an existing dress or shirt as a template for the gnome outfits. Cut out felt pieces, sew up the sides, and add additional details such as felt flowers and a belt using Thermoweb HeatnBond Ultra. Make hats following a simple online tutorial and stuff with batting to keep their shape. Limited sewing is required as pieces can be glued on.


DIY Garden Gnome Halloween Costume

Garden Halloween Costume

Imagine how cute and lovely you would look in a picture with your partner, both of you wearing these adorable costumes. As a gnome is mostly related to the garden, this DIY costume incorporates the greenery aesthetic, creating an elegant, natural vibe. So, why not give this costume idea a try?

  • Materials and  Making: Creating the DIY Garden Gnome Halloween costume starts with crafting the iconic hat from red felt, measured to fit properly. Next, cotton balls are fluffed and glued onto the hat as eyebrows and on a poster board for the beard using a hot glue gun. You may also use flora and moss for it. Complete the costume with everyday clothing items: for a male gnome, a plaid shirt, pants, suspenders, and boots; for a female gnome, a neutral dress, boots, and a festive apron.


Garden Gnome, Flower, Bee Family Costume

Garden Gnome Flower Bee Family Costume

Never leave your pet out of festive celebrations with this DIY costume idea. It offers a gnome costume for your spouse, a lovely flower costume for you, and an adorable bunny costume for your loyal furry companion. The delightful combo of cuteness, creativity, and festive charm!

  • Materials: For the materials and suggestions for each costume, visit the link below.
  • Making: For the flower costume, duct tape pipe cleaners to the back of pink felt petals and arrange them on a hat. Next, cut a green felt into triangles, sew them together to create a leaf necklace, and add a plastic flower pot. For the dog-bee costume, sew black fabric on a yellow shirt to form stripes. Construct a felt tail and create wings and antennas using a mental hanger, pantyhose, a headband, and pipe cleaners. The gnome costume requires a red cardstock hat, a blue shirt, khaki pants, boots, and a rope belt. Simply make the cone cap stick white quilt stuffing onto the hat for eyebrows and beard.


DIY Snail And Gnome Halloween Costume


Are you searching for cute and straightforward costumes for your little ones this Halloween? Have a look at this charming pair of Snail and Gnome outfits! They’re not just attractive and fanciful, but also easy to put together with items you probably already have around your home.

  • Making: To make the Snail costumes, start with a white dress and headband. Create antennas from brown paper and attach them to the headband. Roll large amounts of craft paper into a shell-like structure and add two ribbon straps to wear like a backpack. For the gnome costume, cut felt into a large triangle, create a cone hat, and cut white felt into a beard shape. Attach straps for adjustments. Complete the look with a plaid shirt, jeans, and boots.

DIY Snail

    • White or cream-colored dress
    • Headband with paper bug antennas
    • Brown craft paper
    • Sandals or flats

DIY Gnome

  • Plaid shirt
  • jeans
  • rubber boots
  • felt (red and white)


Felt Gnome Hat And Htv Apron Costume

Felt Gnome Hat And Htv Apron Costume

For your little explorer, consider creating this DIY costume featuring a cute apron and festive hat. The apron can be worn over any outfit, and you can experiment with different designs. Don’t forget to add the adorable mushroom design bag, perfect for storing sweets during trick or treating.

  • Materials: Felt for the hat, iron, hot glue, an apron, HTV in various colors for the applique, and existing clothes to complete the outfit.
  • Making: For the easiest DIY Costume, begin by ironing and hot-gluing a child-sized felt hat. If necessary, adjust the size for an adult. Use an apron, cut its upper portion if desired, and then create a gnome-like mushroom applique with HTV in various colors. Use already-owned dresses and shirts to complete the outfit. These quick and simple steps make it ideal for beginners.


Ten-Minute Gnome Costume

Ten-Minute Costume

Searching for a fast, hassle-free costume? Look no further than this DIY ensemble, complete with a cone hat, beard, and eyebrows. This charming DIY costume is ideal for last-minute Halloween preparations and can serve as a quick Santa outfit for the festive season.

  • Materials:  All it takes to create this DIY costume is Red and white felt, elastic bands, and hot glue.
  • Making: Cut a cone shape from red felt, fold it, and secure it with hot glue to form the hat. Cut small holes on either side, add elastic bands for adjustability, and support with hot glue if needed. Then, freehand cut a beard, mustache, and eyebrows from white felt. Layer them for dimension and adhere to the hat using hot glue. Attach the beard using elastic bands looped around the wearer’s ears, and you have a simple, quick Gnome costume.


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