15 DIY Bat Costume Ideas To Bring Horror In Night Party!

DIY Bat Costume Ideas

Bats are always linked with fear and the dark, so they are perfect subjects when these two things are demanded in crafting. These DIY bat costume ideas give a fun way to add spookiness to a nighttime party theme. All these moonlight costumes are simple and require only basic, comfy clothes in one color, with added elements like wings, a mask, and ears. You’ll find tips, tricks, and guides to help you handmade your bat costume with each idea. Whether your inspiration comes from vampire or Dracula legends, these spooky costumes will be the best options for kids, adults, and pets!

DIY Bat Costume Ideas With Guides For All Skill Levels

DIY Bat Costume Ideas 1

All these DIY bat costume ideas we have collected are meant to spread some horror around. However, when a cute girl or boy wears them, they will become even cuter than horror. Whether you want a quick look or go with more details, you will find something in this list!
Here are some quick tips if you want to make your own:

Have Materials: You will need some basic, comfy clothing in all black for a cozy DIY bat costume. An old T-shirt or a hoodie with plain pants will be a great option. You will also need extra black fabric to make the wings and perhaps additional materials like felt in black for the mask and ears.

Make the Wings: To make the wings spread out the black fabric and chalk out the shape of the wings. After that, cut out the wings and attach them to your shirt or hoodie’s back (arms!).

Make the Mask and Ears: Have your black felt, draw a shape according to face measurements and eyes, and then cut according to it. Make little holes in two sides and add an elastic band to wear. For years, do the same and then attach it to the hair band if you do not have a hoodie!

In this way, a general one will be ready. You will also find the guides for the DIY bat mask, accessories, wings, umbrella bat costume, pet costume, and more!

DIY Bat Costume

DIY Bat Costume

Let’s fly your kid’s inner Batman this Halloween with this DIY costume that takes a few minutes to complete and is the top pick of busy moms. It’s surprisingly comfortable, making Halloween trick-or-treating an absolute delight.

  • Making: Create a DIY bat costume for kids by designing bat wings and ears. Measure the child’s wingspan and draw out a batwing pattern. Use a knit jersey fabric for a soft, comfortable fit. Sew or use fabric glue for armholes. Make bat ears with a no-sew method, attaching fabric triangles to a headband. Complete the costume by dressing the child in all black and applying bat-inspired makeup. Layering and a wing-like cape provide warmth.
  • Materials: For this DIY costume, you will need to have Knit jersey fabric, scissors, fabric glue/sewing supplies, headband, all-black clothing, and makeup.


Bat Costume Using Umbrella

Umbrella Bat Costume

Who would believe that an umbrella can be transformed into the perfect bat costume for Halloween or other festivals, maintaining the perfect aesthetic of a bat? It’s the perfect blend of cuteness, sustainability, spookiness, and festive charm.

  • Making: Cut and remove the umbrella’s fabric and metal supports to create wing shapes. Use tape to cover any sharp edges and attach ribbon pieces to secure the wings to your wrists and shoulders. Complete the look with a black outfit, cardboard bat ears, and a paper cup nose. Reuse broken umbrellas for an eco-friendly option. For more visual guides and suggestions, visit the link below.
  • Materials: This DIY costume comes to life using a Good quality black umbrella,  Wire/side cutters, Black electrical tape, 2 metres of 25mm wide black ribbon,  Scissors


DIY Bat Costume For Pets

Bat Costume For Pets DIY

Looking for a fun, DIY Halloween costume for your pet? Then, this DIY idea offers adorable suggestions, such as a Bat Costume that is easy to make and involves your furry friend in the Halloween celebration. This creative costume is ideal for either a dog or a cat and is perfect for making them the centre of attention at any festive event.

  • Making: The bat costume for pets requires you to draft a customized wing template based on your pet’s measurements. All you need to do is use that template to cut the fabric and make this DIY costume.
  • Materials: The materials required for this DIY pet bat costume are black faux leather, scissors, tape measure and a black ribbon.


DIY Bat Tastick Costume

DIY Bat Tastick Costume

Welcome the spooky season with a creative DIY Bat-stick Costume for your family. This gender-neutral DIY costume is ideal for Halloween parties, concerts, and trick-or-treat outings. The best part is its affordability; even a single umbrella can create two outfits.

  • Making:  The DIY bat-tastic costume involves repurposing a black umbrella and a black hoodie. Remove the umbrella’s handle, cut it into the shape of a cape, trim and secure the metal spines, then attach the umbrella to the hoodie. Lastly, add DIY bat ears to the hoodie.
  • Materials: You can create this DIY bat-tastic costume using a black umbrella, wire cutters, scissors, a hot glue gun, safety pins, fashion tape, black construction paper, and a black hoodie.


Baby Bat Halloween Costume

Baby Bat Halloween Costume

Here’s the simplest DIY costume for busy and budget-conscious moms. This simple yet whimsical outfit transforms your baby into a charming nocturnal creature. Made with comfort and cuteness in mind, this costume is easy to put on and sure to elicit plenty of ‘awws’.

  • Making: Start by taking a baby sleepsuit, and after getting the measurements, create a wing template.  After crafting a wing shape template, cut and sew the fabric wings onto the sleep suit. Hand stitch the wings onto the arm sections, ensuring comfort and mobility for the baby. For more information, visit the link below.
  • Materials: With a black or grey baby sleepsuit, some fabric, and a sewing machine and skills, create an enchanting costume that’s comfortable and practical to wear.


DIY Bat Costume For Kids

DIY Bat Costume For Kids

Light up your little one’s trick-or-treat night with this DIY Bat Costume from Buggy and Buddy. Made from black felt, this costume incorporates a charming pairing of bat wings and ears that you can sew onto a black top.

  • Making: A poster board serves as a wing template, which you trace onto the felt and then cut out for your bat wings. Attach elastic loops to secure on the wearer’s arms and thumbs, assuring a snug, comfortable fit. For added aesthetics, embellish the wings with either black or silver glitter or black duct tape, and you are done!
  • Materials: The required materials for this DIY costume are a black felt fabric, a poster board for the wing template, black or silver glitter (or black duct tape for embellishment), and elastic for securing the wings.


Easy Adorable Kids Bat Costume

Easy Adorable Kids Bat Costume

Let your child shine in this easy, adorable Kid’s Bat Costume this Halloween! Its comfy fabric and straightforward design make it easy to wear, ensuring your child full mobility for the jumps and jigs.

  • Making: Opt for black garments for the main attire, then cut bat wings from black, lightweight fabric. Use elastic to ensure the wings stay in place on the child’s arms. Finish off with a homemade bat ear hood made from a sliced sleeve of an XL black shirt. Check the full tutorial below:
  • Materials: The materials needed for this DIY costume are black garments (t-shirt and leggings), lightweight black fabric for wings, elastic for attaching the wings, and an XL black shirt for creating the bat ear hood.


Bat Wings Tutorial For spooky Costumes

How To Make Bat Wings For Halloween Costumes

Harness the spirit of Halloween with simple, handcrafted Bat Wings for your child. The ideal attire for last-minute costume needs or spontaneous dress-ups, these wings can add a spooky touch to any outfit. The perfect blend of cost-effectiveness, spookiness, and festive charm!

  • Making: Start by sketching the wing outline on the fabric using chalk, ensuring it corresponds to the sleeve length of the T-shirt. Cut it out, then, with the right sides facing each other, sew around the edges, leaving an opening. Once done, turn the wing right side out, press, and sew onto the T-shirt sleeves. Customize as desired.
  • Materials: You will need black fabric, scissors, chalk, a sewing machine and a basic T-shirt.



Halloween Bat Costume

Halloween Bat Costume

Why spend on pricey retail costumes when you can create even better ones at home? Save money and boost creativity with DIY Halloween Bat and Butterfly Costumes. They are easy to make and allow you to spend fun crafting time with children.

  • Making: Begin with black jersey fabric and wooden dowels for the bat costume. Draft your wing design onto the fabric, cut it, wrap the fabric around the dowels, and secure them at the neck and hands. For the butterfly, black foam boards and coloured felt fabric are essential. Measure your child’s arm span for the wing’s width, cut and score the boards, and then cut out your wing shapes. Customize the wings with felt cutouts, and complete the costume with a simple shoulder strap.
  • Materials: The materials required for these DIY costumes include black jersey fabric, wooden dowels, black foam boards, coloured felt fabric, and a shoulder strap.


DIY Bat Costume Accessories Tutorial

DIY Bat Costume Accessories

Take your Halloween outfit to the next level with our DIY Bat Costume Accessories! These accessories add a special touch to your outfit, ensuring you stand out in any crowd.

  • Making: Creating your DIY Bat Costume Accessories can be fun and simple. With the help of your Cricut, cut out the bats from black OlyFun fabric. Add a touch of sparkle with black glitter HTV. Create your bat mask and bow, attaching each to a ribbon or elastic. Personalize by adding adhesive gems or other details to match your style.
  • Materials: The materials required for this DIY Bat Costume Accessories include a Cricut, black Oly Fun fabric, black glitter HTV, EasyPress Mini, heat-resistant tape, ribbon or elastic, adhesive gems, fabric adhesive, and optional string or hot glue.

Tip: To ensure that you do not put heat directly on the OlyFun to avoid melting, use an EasyPress Mini for heat transfer.


Hoodie Halloween Costume Black Bat

Hoodie Halloween Costume Black Bat

Liven up your child’s Halloween with the Hoodie Halloween Costume. Crafted from a regular hoodie, this ensemble adds a spooky twist to a basic item. The costume is not visually appealing but also perfect to keep your child cozy, warm and toasty.

  • Making: To form the wings, start by cutting black felt based on your customized template, followed by sewing gray felt segments onto them. After this, carefully sewn these wings into the sides of the hoodie. Create the bat ears with black and grey felt, attaching them to the hood. Pair with black leggings or pants for a complete, comfy Halloween costum.
  • Materials:The materials required for this DIY Black Bat Hoodie Costume include a black hoodie, black and gray felt, sewing supplies, a template for bat wings and ears, and black pants or leggings.


Last-minute DIY Bat Costume

How To Make A DIY Bat Costume In 5 Minutes

Spend less time crafting and more time celebrating! This DIY costume offers a timeless costume that you can whip up within 5 minutes but has the complete aesthetic of a bat. So, make it and let your kid embrace the Halloween spirit in this cool, homemade black bat costume.

  • Making: Fold the tablecloth in half, then cut out a wing pattern. Once done, unfold the tablecloth and tape a hair tie to each end to loop around your child’s wrist. Pair the resulting wings with the black shirt and tights, and finish the outfit with a cat ears headband for a quick and easy bat costume.For more details check out the link below.
  • Materials: Grab a cat ears headband, black tights, black shirt, black plastic tablecloth, and two black hair ties before your start making this DIY costume.


How To Make A DIY Bat Costume

How To Make A DIY Bat Costume

For your Knight Rider-inspired child, consider making this DIY costume. The only materials needed are black felt pieces. These will (temporarily) transform an inexpensive ski hood and arm warmers into the perfect bat costume.

  • Making: The transformation involves cutting out bat wings from black felt and attaching them to arm warmers using a running stitch. Bat ears are made from black stiffened felt, shaped and sewn onto a hood mask. Paired with black pants and a long-sleeve T-shirt, this costume needs no extra decoration and is captivating with its minimalist yet bold aesthetic.
  • Materials: The materials required for this DIY Bat Costume include black felt, black stiffened felt, black long-sleeve T-shirt, black pants, arm warmers, a hood mask, and sewing supplies.


DIY Bat Wing Costume For Your Dog

DIY Bat Wing Costume For Your Dog

Creating a homemade bat outfit for your pet can give a playful, creepy vibe. It’s not just a holiday accessory; it also promotes reuse of waste materials. While ideal for Halloween, this outfit can be used for any house party, making it both fun and cost-effective.

  • Making: For this DIY costume you’ll cut the fabric and felt to resemble bat wings, stitch or glue them together and finally fit them on your dog using elastic. Give the wings details with chalk and personalize them according to your taste. With these simple steps, your furry friend can become the cutest creature of the night this Halloween.
  • Materials: The materials required are some black fabric, felt, elastic, a needle and thread.


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