10 DIY Vampire Costume Ideas To Look Like A Blood Thirst

DIY Vampire Costume Ideas

Welcome to our fun-filled collection of DIY Vampire Costume Ideas that will surely be everyone’s Halloween favorite. They’re mysterious, stylish, and a bit spooky and also make for some fantastic costume opportunities.

DIY Vampire Costume Ideas

DIY Vampire Costume Ideas 1

Our list blends simplicity and creativity, pairing everyday clothes with a vampire flair for a captivating yet approachable look. Whether you’re gearing up for a Halloween party, styling for a play, or even just looking to entertain yourself on a rainy day, we’ve gathered some creative do-it-yourself vampire costume ideas that suit your budget and skills.

So, if it’s your little one dressing up as a ‘cute little vampire’ or an adult wanting to impersonate the ‘elegant vampire,’ we’ve got you covered, and I hope you’ll find the instructions quite helpful.

Some of the spooky attributes of a vampire costume are:

  • Fangs: No vampire costume would be complete without a set of intimidating fangs – they are the signature mark of a vampire.
  • Cape: A dark, flowing cape adds to the mystery and majesty of a vampire.
  • Red Eyes or Dark Eye Makeup: Creating the illusion of red eyes or using dark eye makeup can add a creepy touch to the appearance.
  • Claw-like Nails: Long, pointed nails can further enhance the creature-of-the-night feel.
  • Victorian-Inspired Clothing: Vampires have been depicted in ancient settings, and Victorian-era clothing fulfills this premise perfectly.
  • Blood: Fake blood, especially around the mouth, can reinforce the blood-sucking nature of a vampire.
  • High Collar: Many traditional vampire costumes feature a high collar, giving them a dramatic and powerful look.

DIY Vampire Costume With Articulated Wings

DIY Vampire Costume With Articulated Wings

Look at this DIY costume idea that is a little costly but sure to impress. The unique and creative DIY vampire costume is designed with eye-catching articulated wings, bringing an extra level of authenticity to your character. The wings contract and expand, providing a dynamic element to the costume that’s sure to impress.

  • Materials and Making: To create a budget-friendly, DIY articulated vampire wings costume, craft the wing mechanism using wood, bolts, and washers. Affix a bike vest with eyebolts, then connect the mechanism to the vest using long headless bolts. Tighten to secure. Add velcro straps to the wings and fasten around your biceps to open the wings. Finalize the design by covering the wings with black fabric attached to wood or plastic rods, ensuring it folds evenly.


Easy DIY Kid Vampire Halloween Costume

Easy DIY Kid Vampire Halloween Costume

Follow the detailed make-up and outfit application instructions given in this guide to bring this spooktacular DIY vampire ensemble to life. The best part is its affordability as it uses materials that are already present in your home.

  • Materials and Making: Creating a DIY vampire costume for your kid is simple, economical, and fun. Start with any black pants, black shoes, and a black cape you have at home. Pair it with a white collared shirt. Then, paint their face with purplish eyeshadow, a line of black eyeliner, and bright red lipstick. Finish off with safe plastic fangs. Consider using hair gel or Zach’s Wax to style your hair.


How To Make A Vampire Count Costume

How To Make A Vampire Count Costume

Elevate your Halloween game with Martha Stewart’s sophisticated Vampire-Count Costume. Combining elegance with a spooky essence, this DIY outfit uses formal attire like a tuxedo, red taffeta cape, and unique self-made medals of honor. All these items outshine this vampire costume from others!

  • Materials and Making: Start with a tuxedo shirt and black pants. First, make a cape from red taffeta, with a diagonally cut black ribbon passing through a custom-made channel and leaving lengths on the sides for ties. Then, construct medals of honor from gold origami paper, cut into star shapes, and red ribbons of various widths, added with craft glue. Create a sash for the medals from a strip of 4-inch-wide velvet ribbon. Use a half-yard of black taffeta to make a cummerbund, paired with a bow tie made from a 30-inch strip of red taffeta. Secure all with safety pins and reusable adhesive, and complete the look with fake fangs.


Easy DIY Vampire Costume

Easy DIY Vampire Costume

This costume is perfect for Halloween parties, and it strikes the ideal balance between budget-friendly and plenty of fun for your little vampire-to-be. Don’t fret if you can’t handle the makeup; the clothing alone creates a convincing vampire look!

  • Materials and Making: Creating a DIY vampire costume for your child is easy and convenient. Begin with a white button-up shirt, black pants, black socks, and shoes. You may add a black button-up vest or sweater for effect. The highlight of the attire is a black cape, which you can make from any black clothing item you have. To complete the look, use makeup to give your child a pale face and dark eyes.


Easy Kids Vampire Costume

Easy Kids Vampire Costume

This costume offers a simple yet creative way to transform any girl or boy into a frightening yet endearing Halloween vampire. Plus, it’s a versatile option that works for all ages. Bring on the spooky smiles!

  • Materials and Making: Designing a kids’ vampire costume can be straightforward and affordable. Start with a cape, easily found at stores like Dollar Tree. Pair it with a white button-up shirt, black corduroy pants, a black belt, and grey high-top shoes already in the child’s wardrobe. Using some white and black face paint and hairspray to slick back their hair, the look can be completed effortlessly.


DIY Kids Halloween Vampire Cape

Kids Halloween Vampire Cape

Create a touch of timeless Halloween mystery with this DIY Kids Halloween Vampire Cape. This simple project can transform an ordinary outfit into a fantastic vampire costume for your children. The creator crafted this cape for a 10-year-old, but with a bit of adjustment, it can fit children of various ages.

  • Materials and Making: For a fun and straightforward Halloween project, consider making a DIY vampire cape. It’s all about crafting a perfect collar and a double-sided gathered rectangle. Initially, dealing with four layers of fabric and interfacing might seem challenging, but the outcome is well worth it. Opt for a polyester fabric for the black side of the cape for a realistic look. A velvet ribbon can give an extra elegant touch. Don’t forget to modify the collar’s width during the design process to simplify the gathering step.


DIY Vampire Costume

fun blood drinking specie Costume

Imagine the ghoulish surprise on the faces of your neighbors when your little one swings open the door, clad in this carefully crafted DIY vampire costume! The stark contrast of the eerie white face makeup against the sharp black and red of the costume will give all who dare approach a playful shock.

  • Materials and Making: Pulling together a DIY vampire costume can be inexpensive and creative. It requires a black cape, black pants, vest, shoes, and a white collared shirt. Take a red ribbon to use as a bow tie, and for an authentic touch, use white face makeup, black eyeliner, and cheap plastic vampire teeth. Always consider second-hand stores for cost-worthy finds.


DIY Vampire Family Costume

easy to make Family Costume

This DIY idea provides a great project for a family Vampire Costume. It’s fun, easy to make, and ideal for families who want to match their Halloween costumes. There are costume instructions for every family member, including Mom, Dad, kids, and even the baby!

  • Vampire Mama Costume: Get a Black tulle skirt. If you don’t already have one, you can easily make one using a simple tutorial. Pair with a black sweater, black tights & boots. Complete the outfit with a black tulle hooded cape. Makeup includes a vein-like look around the eyes.
  • Vampire Dad Costume: The dad wears suit pants and a white button-down shirt.DIY a no-sew cape using shiny black material for the cape’s body and black and red felt for the collar. You can attach the collar to the cape using hot glue and costume jewelry, while a strip of ribbon tied together makes the collar.  You can add red tulle inside the collar for an extra touch.
  • Vampire Girl Costume: DIY a tulle tutu using long strips of tulle (red, silver, glittery black). Pair with a black shirt and black pants or tights. DIY a tulle cape by cutting a large circle of material and hot glue together the hood and ribbon.
  • Bat Baby Costume: Get a black & white striped long-sleeve onesie and black felt. Draw small bat wings under the onesie’s arms using chalk and cut them out from the black felt. Either stitch or hot glue the wings to the onesie. Accessorize with black pants and a hat if needed.


DIY Vampire Costume For Kids

Costume For Kids

This is the perfect ghastly ensemble for your child to wear this Halloween, spreading a fun-filled fright wherever they tread. A perfect blend of spookiness, creativity, and festive charm, this DIY costume is to make your child the star of any party!

  • Materials and Making: Making a DIY vampire costume for kids is easy and fun. Begin by making a cape using big black and purple satin sheets. Sew the sheets together, with the right sides facing each other, and leave the top open. Cut a collar shape from cardboard and use it as a guide to create a matching collar from the fabric; then, sew it to the cape. Use a fabric tape as a child-friendly fastener. Complete the costume with black pants, a white shirt, black shoes, vampire teeth, and optional fake blood for a memorable Halloween look!


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