12 Fun DIY Fox Costume Ideas For Halloween

DIY Fox Costume Ideas

Let’s spark your inner craftiness and get ready to wow everyone with stunning and ingenious DIY Fox Costume ideas! With endless possibilities to mix and match various materials, fabrics, and accessories, you can create a realistic and eye-catching fox outfit in no time.

DIY Fox Costume

DIY Fox Costume Ideas 1

Whether you plan to dazzle at a playful themed party, become the star of your local cosplay convention, or enjoy the rewarding experience of a hands-on, homemade project. These DIY Fox Costume ideas will undoubtedly be best to show off your passion for creativity, leaving you with a sense of pride and a memorable piece that truly stands out from the crowd. So, don’t hesitate! Start exploring these exciting costume ideas, and let your artistic skills shine.

The main attributes ofMake  a fox costume are:

  • Fox Ears: Fox’s ears are usually large, triangular, and have a hint of white. You can design these using headbands with attached orange and white felt.
  • Fox Tail: A key attribute of a fox costume is a bushy tail with a white tip. Attach a long, stuffed, orange tail with white fur at the end that can be attached to a belt or pants.
  • Orange Attire: A fox is often orange or reddish-brown. Select an orange, brown, or rust-colored dress, jumpsuit, or a shirt and pants combination for the base of the costume.
  • White Belly: A fox’s belly is usually white. Add white fabric or felt to the front of the costume to depict this.
  • Fox Makeup: Use white, black, and orange face paint to create the illusion of a fox’s face. Remember the black-tipped nose!
  • Gloves and Boot Covers: Foxes have fur-covered paws. Use faux fur to create glove and shoe covers to mimic this look.
  • Fox Nose/ Snout: A black nose or a snout made of papier-mâché or plastic can easily emphasize the fox look.

Easy DIY Fox Costume

Easy DIY Fox Costume

The cutest fox ever! This adorable outfit transforms your little one into a charming fox. Designed with comfort and simplicity in mind, your child could wear it all day long without any irritation. It’s perfect for those seeking an effortlessly cute Halloween ensemble.

  • Materials: To create a DIY fox costume, gather a long-sleeved white t-shirt, leggings, sneakers, faux fur, and a headband.
  • Making: Dye the t-shirt and leggings orange using Rit Dye and follow the instructions. Cut out a chest fur piece and tail from the faux fur and attach them using fabric glue. Cut out fox ears using black and orange felt and faux fur, then glue them to the headband with a hot glue gun. Optionally, dye additional gloves and glue faux fur circles for added warmth during Halloween.


How To Make A Fox Costume

How To Make A Fox Costume

Made for a 2- to 3-year-old, this sewn fox costume is an ideal project for advanced beginners. With the convenience of hook-and-loop fasteners, the costume is easy and quick to sew. This adorable costume is perfect for a fun and creative Halloween experience.

  • Materials: To make a fox costume, you’ll need red/orange flannel, white flannel, black and white felt, scissors, glue stick, pins, thread, iron, polyester stuffing, white yarn, ruler, glue gun, 1/2-yard white double-fold bias tape, and 1/2-yard sew-in hook-and-loop fastener.
  • Making: Create body pieces, sleeves, belly, tail, hood, and ears using the flannel and felt, and then sew/glue them together. Attach the ears to the hood and complete it by gluing the fox face. Finally, sew the front sections, attach the belly, stitch the shoulders, stay-stitch the neck, apply bias tape, insert sleeves, and hem them.


How To Make A Fox Face Mask & Ears

How To Make A Fox Face Mask & Ears

Embrace the Halloween spirit with an inventive twist on your regular face mask! This Fox Face Mask & Ears accessory effortlessly transforms any ensemble into a fun and charming costume, suitable for casual, festive, or special occasions. Depending on your school’s mask policy, your kids might even get to sport this cool fox mask at school!

  • Materials: To whip up this DIY costume, begin with a reusable cloth mask, orange, black & white felt, a headband, thread, a needle, a pencil, and scissors.
  • Making: Use a mask as a template to cut an orange-felt fox face. Cut a black felt nose and a ‘J’ shape for the mouth. Sew or glue them onto the mask. Create ears from orange and white felt, then secure them around the headband. Add the mask to complete your costume.


Best DIY Fox Costume

Best DIY Fox Costume

Unleash your inner artist and create a DIY costume sure to spark conversation. By crafting a fox face from cardboard and pairing it with your child’s clothing, this simple yet charming outfit offers both comfort and convenience. It’s a delightful option for kids who desire a cozy costume while showcasing their own unique style.

  • Materials: To create a DIY Fox Costume, gather Crayola construction paper, paint, markers, upcycled cardboard, and a ribbon.
  • Making: Start by creating orange paint through a mix of red and yellow. Sketch the fox’s facial features on the cardboard and color them in. Cut the inner ears and pupils from white construction paper and glue them to the face. Sketch 25-30 rounded-bottom triangles on orange construction paper for the fur, curl them using a marker barrel, and glue them to the face. Once dry, hang the resulting face mask with a ribbon around a kid’s shoulders.


DIY Halloween Costume What Does The Fox Say

DIY Halloween Costume What Does The Fox Say

Create your own DIY Halloween costume with this enjoyable guide. It helps you craft a cool fox outfit using simple materials. The costume idea is gender-neutral, making it ideal for the entire squad. The best part is its distinctive design, showcasing the alluring fox features, making it perfect for representing the “What Does the Fox Say?” theme.

  • Materials: Create a DIY fox costume using a bodysuit, gloves, and a headband. Customize the bodysuit using a pattern from a fabric store and a touch of personal design.
  • Making: Attach fox ears and fur on the headband with wires. Make gloves by tracing your hand on the fabric and cutting it out. Add makeup, including a fox-inspired nose, arched eyebrows, and fake eyelashes for a complete look. Make sure to follow the video tutorial for step-by-step instructions.


DIY Fantastic Mr Fox Costume

Fantastic Mr Fox Costume

This homemade project allows you to bring the charming and quirky character to life or your child. Whether you’re a fan of the movie or simply adore its unique style, this DIY costume, with its distinctive elements and clever details, is sure to turn heads this Halloween.

  • Materials: For this costume, you would need a printable mask template, white sweater and pants, white socks, fabric paint, Pellon fabric, elastic, brown and white plush fabric, acrylic paint, plastic branch, black velvet, terry cloth, and felt.
  • Making: Put together the mask using the template and Pellon fabric. Create the facial features, whiskers, and Ash’s sock stripes with acrylic paint. Prepare the logo with felt and glue it onto the sweater. Lastly, design the cape using the terry cloth and instructions provided.


Easy Last Minute Halloween Fox Costume

Easy Last Minute Halloween Fox Costume

This is the easiest DIY costume featured in this blog post, turning your child’s everyday wear into an appealing outfit for fun playtime or Halloween festivities. Besides its visual beauty and aesthetic charm, the costume utilizes a full-sleeve shirt and a beanie to protect your child from chills!

  • Materials: Craft an easy, last-minute fox costume using 2 felt squares, craft foam, an orange t-shirt, a beanie, 2 yarn skeins, tacky glue, and scissors.
  • Making: Download, print, and cut out the fox face and ears templates. Put together the mask using the template and Pellon fabric. Create the facial features, whiskers, and Ash’s sock stripes with acrylic paint. Prepare the logo with felt and glue it onto the sweater. Lastly, design the cape using the terry cloth and instructions provided.


DIY Fox Costume Idea And Tutorials

Costume Idea And Tutorials

Skip the store and craft a unique fox outfit tailored just for you, bringing charm and creativity to your Halloween festivities.Catering to all skill levels, these tutorials help you create personalized fox costumes, including ears, tails, and cute fox faces.

  • Materials: Craft DIY fox ears with faux fur, felt, a headband, and cardboard. 
  • Making: Attach a fox tail from faux fur or tulle with a safety pin. Complete the costume with a fox face using face paint, a DIY cardboard mask, or a store-bought mask customized to your liking. Follow these tutorials to create a unique fox costume that is perfect for any Halloween party.


DIY Cardboard Fox Costume For Kids

Easy Woodland Costume

For a charming and eco-friendly Halloween option, consider creating a DIY Cardboard Fox Costume for kids. Easy to assemble and customize, this delightful costume offers a fun and memorable activity to share with your little one while adding a unique and creative touch to their Halloween experience.

  • Materials: Create a whimsical fox costume for kids using cardboard, brown/orange/white construction paper, string, and a hot glue gun.
  • Making: Sketch a fox shape on cardboard, cut it out, and add an armhole. Cut out long triangle shapes from construction paper for fur and features. Attach these onto the cardboard cutout, focusing on areas like ears, face, and tail, using a hot glue gun. Lastly, secure the costume with string for easy handling.


DIY Cute Fox Costume

 Cute Costume

Prepare to inspire your Halloween costume crafting with these three delightful DIY ideas for girls. Including a magical unicorn, a charming fox, and a lovely bunny, these costumes cater to girls of all ages, from toddlers to teens.So , choose your favourite and start making  today!

  • Materials: Use easily accessible materials like tulle, faux fur, fabric, and a headband.
  • Making: Make your own tutus, caplets, and headpieces to complete the costumes, ensuring the perfect fit and unique looks your kids will love. Follow the detailed instructions on 5 Minutes for Mom to bring these creative, one-of-a-kind costumes to life for this Halloween.


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