13 DIY Sheep Costume Ideas For Winter Cosplay

DIY Sheep Costume Ideas

Do you want a gender-neutral, warm, and still cute DIY outfit for winter costume party? With these DIY sheep costume ideas, you can can get an irresistable reason to stay cozy while still grab the attention as all these handmade sheep costumes looks so adorable and innocent (almost every age!!!). This will happen all by wrapping bundle of wool over simple outfit. How quick and cheap all these farm-themed waerables will be!

You can turn yourself into a funny sheep and little one to lamb to display the fuzzy family now beyond the farms. So, keep reading this list of DIY sheep costumes ideas and guides to find the best DIY wooly attire for all ages in many variations!

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How To DIY Sheep Costume?

Alll below DIY sheep costume will require different material and making requirements. Here are some tips that may be helpful for you to make to mold the sheep into humanoid clothing:

Black Base: You can wear a black leggings and a tight black shirt according the needed size. The black is not natural but most famous among artists to depict the sheep limbs in this way. It will be the sheep’s skin underneath its wool.

Upper Wear: For that woolly look, you can either glue cotton balls onto a plain shirt except the limbs. If a child, you can simply put a faux fur fabric jumper.

Headgear: A white cap, hairband or hood can be used as the sheep’s head. You can to also glue some cotton balls here too but always add the ears.

Horns: For horns, you can use some black paper (may be brown too!). Roll them into cone shapes and attach them to your headgear. Sheep have small, curled horns, so don’t make them too long.

DIY baby Sheep Costume Guide

DIY Sheep Costume For Baby Guide

This DIY no-sew sheep costume is simple yet creative, perfect for those who may not have sewing skills. It’s a unique, comfortable, and playful outfit, ideal for any costume party. The best part? The costume is sleeveless thus you can wear it over any long-sleeved shirt.

  • Materials and Making: To create a DIY no-sew sheep costume, start by gathering white or cream-coloured clothing, faux fur, felt, and a headband. Construct the body using the clothing as your base, attaching faux fur for wool texture. Fashion a headpiece by glueing black and white felt ears onto the headband. Finalize your costume by adding a cute tail made from cotton balls attached to a piece of felt.


Black Sheep Toddler Costume

Black Sheep Toddler Costume

Welcome the charm of a cuddly baby black sheep with this DIY Halloween costume, perfect for keeping your little one warm during a chilly night of trick-or-treating. So, dress this costume at any family gathering and your little one will surely be the cutest black sheep around!

  • Materials and Making:  Create a cuddly baby black sheep costume for Halloween. Start with a black onesie and tights, adding a bonnet. Glue cotton balls onto the onesie and bonnet with hot glue, afterwards fluffing them for a woolly effect. Craft ears from black felt and secure them onto the bonnet as a finishing touch.


How To Make A Sheep Costumes

How To Make A Sheep Costumes

This homemade sheep costume is a delightful choice for Halloween, or for any fancy dress occasion. The costume is no sew and all you need is some crafting skills and your end result is an adorable, fluffy sheep costume that’s impactful yet lightweight.

  • Materials and Making: Bring this DIY costume to life by using basic craft supplies. Begin by adhering cotton balls to white sweatpants using fabric glue. For ears, cut cardboard and white felt into ear shapes, fix felt onto cardboard, pinch ends to form ear folds, and then secure them to a white hooded sweatshirt. Lastly, cover the entire sweatshirt with cotton balls.


Make A Baby Lamb Costume

Make A Baby Lamb Costume

The cutest sheep ever! The DIY costume is pretty and its soft and lightweight design ensures your baby’s comfort throughout the joyous festivities. So, make this DIY costume for the next event and get ready for the admiration!

  • Materials and Making: Concoct a cute baby lamb costume with minimal sewing. Start with a fleece hat, pattern below, to which cotton balls are attached and black ears are glued or sewn. Similarly, glue cotton balls to a onesie for a cosy effect. Add black leggings and a black longsleeved shirt for the full look.


DIY Kid’s Lamb Costume From Recycled Materials

DIY Kid’s Lamb Costume From Recycled Materials

Transform your little princess into a darling lamb that will captivate everyone’s attention. Plus, this gives you an opportunity to recycle old items, contributing to environmental sustainability. So, why spend money on pricey costumes when we can create an even better one at home?

  • Materials and Making: Using recycled material, you can make an environment-friendly lamb costume. Start with two old bathroom mats. Stitch them together on the sides leaving one shoulder with press studs for easy wear. The interior can be old pyjamas. Create lamb ears from felt cutouts sewn onto an elastic headband with a few cotton balls attached.


Halloween DIY Lamb Costume

Halloween DIY Lamb Costume

Immerse your little one in a realm of cuteness with this whimsical baby lamb costume. Behold as your cutie pie steals the show with their adorable lamb costume and lights up every room with their innocent radiance.

  • Materials and Making: Making this DIY costume is easy. Start with a white onesie and a chenille fabric. Cut the fabric slightly larger than the onesie and sew three sides together to create a tube. Slide this over the onesie and tack down the edges. For the ears, cut from felt and attach to barrettes. Paired with a black shirt, leggings, and socks, this costume is ready.


DIY Where Is The Green Sheep Costume

DIY Where Is The Green Sheep Costume

This DIY costume is a fun and creative twist to the usual sheep costumes. Taking inspiration from the girl’s favourite book, this fun craft project is just right for costume events themed parties or trick or trick or treating for children.

  • Materials and Making: Construct a unique green sheep costume with basic supplies. Slice cloud shapes from thick cardboard or corflute. Glue craft fluff over it and paint it all green. For the mask, remove the paper plate’s centre, cover it with cotton balls, and attach white cardboard ears. Fasten the mask with elastic and paint it green. Finally, cover old shes with cotton balls, paint them green, and dress in green attire.


Little Bo Peep And Her Sheep Halloween Costumes

Little Bo Peep And Her Sheep Halloween Costumes

For a cute Halloween look, think about Little Bo Peep and her sheep costumes for brothers and sisters. You’d recognize Bo Peep by her soft dress, hat, and shepherd’s stick. This pair-themed costume, resembling an old nursery rhyme, makes a fun choice for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating.

  • Little Bo Peep Costume: Use your child’s regular clothes to create patterns for the costume. Make a circle skirt from scratch by measuring the waist and creating a pattern. Create a shirt with sleeves for a little person, using your child’s regular clothes as a reference. Sew the sleeves and other pieces together, making modifications along the way if needed. Accessorize the costume with lace and ruffles to achieve an extra girly look.
  • Sheep Costume: For the baby sheep costume, shop in stores like Pottery Barn for discounted, pre-made options. For older kids, stores like Chasing Fireflies have cute sheep costumes available for purchase. Dress the kids in their respective sheep costumes, making sure they’re comfortable.


How To Make A Sheep Costume

How To Make A Sheep Costume

Creating a sheep costume is genuinely a delightful DIY project. Adapted for all ages, this costume is crafted from easily accessible materials, yet the result is truly extraordinary. It certainly raises the bar for homemade costumes, displaying creativity, resourcefulness, and an eye for detail.

  • Materials and Making: Craft a simple sheep costume using a black or white sweatsuit and cotton balls or polyfill cotton batting. Glue these onto the clothes, mimicking wool’s appearance. Create ears from felt, and attach them to a headband or the hood of the sweatshirt. Add black socks for hooves, a black painted nose, and black tape around wrists and ankles for detailing.


Easy DIY Sheep Costume

Easy DIY Sheep Costume

This simple yet delightful DIY sheep costume can significantly enhance your child’s Halloween experience. The costume idea involves a furry hoodie, black long-sleeved shirts, and thick hoodies with attached ears, lending it a sheep-like aesthetic. Its comfortable and warm fit adds to its appeal.

  • Materials and Making:  Create an easy DIY sheep costume by dressing your child in black clothes, adding a white Sherpa vest, and if they desire, a white tutu. For sheep ears, craft two from white felt, and attach them to a white headband. Add a small dot of black face paint to mimic a sheep’s nose. This simple yet delightful sheep costume is all set.


Sheep Costume

Sheep Costume

This DIY costume is just perfect for themed birthday parties, kid’s parties, book week or World Book Day, fancy dress competitions, Easter events, parades, and festivals. The costume is made with warmth in mind thus you can enjoy the night parties without getting cold.

  • Materials and Making: For an affordable DIY sheep costume, begin with a cotton white tank dress. Attach cotton balls using fabric glue, which is a little time-consuming but worth giving. Add ears made from felt to a white knit beanie. Simply pair the dress with a long black t-shirt, tights, and shoes; the final output is an adorable homemade sheep costume that costs approximately $30.


How To Make A Lamb Costume For Kids

How To Make A Lamb Costume For Kids

This DIY lamb costume idea is perfect for kids’ birthday celebrations! Made using easy-to-find materials and minimal crafting skills, it can easily transform your child into an adorable little lamb. Dress up your child in this comfy and cute costume to make their special day even more memorable.

  • Materials and Making: Gear up for the perfect DIY lamb costume! Start with a white sleeveless leotard for the base, layer it over wool batting and stitch onto the leotard’s neckline and sleeve holes. Use a white cap as the lamb’s head, cut out ears from black and taupe felt; fold, crease, and then glue them to the cap. Pair with a black shirt and leggings to complete the costume.


Kid’s Lamb Costume

Kid's Lamb Costume 

Learn how to make a DIY sheep costume – perfect for Halloween, fancy dress parties, and World Animal Day celebrations. Ideal for kids, this low-budget and comfortable costume is easy to create at home.


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