17 DIY Dinosaur Costume Ideas For Prehistoric Getups

DIY Dinosaur Costume Ideas

Do you wish to watch some cute dinos walking around (or maybe yourself in the mirror!)? With these DIY dinosaur costume ideas, you don’t need to go back in time to inspire a dino getup for a prehistoric vibe. Dinosaur hoodie and sweatpants, carton dinosaurs, cartoon dinosaurs….. there will be many ways and material options to display the look of these animals, whether you love the triceratops, T rex, or any imaginative ones. Now, who will say they have gone extinct?

DIY Dinosaur Costume Ideas For All Skill Levels

DIY Dinosaur Costume Ideas 1

Whether handmade dinosaur costumes for toddlers or an adult, they are completely irresistible animal costumes as everybody looks curious and fascinated about these animals, and Jurassic World is a good example. Now, these DIY dinosaur costume ideas are here to correctly turn their look into human wearables with the same dino tails, spikes, nails, and headgear from a little spooky to more fun. In addition, you will become a predator of grabbing the attention. They’re also very easy to adapt to with the helpful guides!

DIY Dinosaur Costume

DIY Dinosaur Costume

Let’s make a super unique, cute glitter-style dinosaur costume for your little one following this easier guide. It looks quite amazing, and its admirable appearance makes it almost everyone’s favorite.

  • Simplicity 1765 pattern.
  • Anaconda foil knit fabric for scales.
  • Fleece fabric for the body.
  • Stiff, fusible interfacing for dorsal plates.
  • Fiber-fill for the tail.
  • Snaps for attaching the hood.
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies.

Follow the Simplicity 1765 pattern instructions to sew the costume together. Attach the fabric plates to the back of the dinosaur costume per the pattern’s instructions. Sew the tail pieces together, leaving a hole for stuffing. Fill it with fiber until it’s plump but not overly stuffed, then sew the hole closed.

Attach this tail to the back of the costume according to the pattern’s instructions. Add the hood following the pattern instructions and apply snaps. Affix the corresponding snaps onto the main body of the costume. Check the costume for any missed stitches or loose ends.


DIY Dinosaur Halloween Costume

DIY Dinosaur Halloween Costume

To create a DIY Dinosaur Halloween costume, follow this super amazing guide. Get a hoodie on hand. Cut out spike and tail shapes from crafting felt and attach them to the hoodie using fabric glue. Iron the spikes to keep them folded, sew them onto the hoodie, and glue the two sides together. Lastly, glue googly eyes on the hood. Allow everything to dry for a day or two before the costume is ready to wear.


DIY Dinosaur Costume Out Of A Sweat Suit

DIY Dinosaur Costume Out Of A Sweat Suit

Follow this easier guide to turn your little prince and princess into the most adorable dinosaurs.

  • Hoodie
  • 1/2 Yard of Felt
  • Hot Glue & Glue Gun
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Fabric Scissors

To construct this DIY dinosaur costume:

  1. Take a hoodie and a half yard of felt.
  2. Cut diamonds from the felt and pin them along the hoodie’s back.
  3. Sew the diamonds down the middle, then glue the tips together to form spikes.
  4. Create a matching tail using leftover felt.
  5. After tracing and cutting out the tail shape, sew along its length, stuff it, and attach velcro to secure it around the waist.
  6. Add matching jogging pants to complete the costume.


Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Costume

Get that wasted cardboard box out of your storeroom and turn it into a masterpiece costume for your little one with the help of this easier tutorial. You just have to gather the given materials like:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Extra scraps of cardboard
  • Craft knife
  • Paints and brushes
  • Hot glue gun

First, to create a dinosaur costume from a cardboard box, turn the boxes inside out and glue them back for a clean surface. For the head, cut three sides of the small box for the mouth and a hole for the head. For the body, cut the base of the large box and make holes for the arms and head. Glue both boxes with aligned holes. Finally, add a tail, spikes, and eyes, and paint it in your favorite dinosaur colors.


Makedo Dinosaur Costume From A Sun Basket Box

Makedo Dinosaur Costume From A Sun Basket Box

Get ready to turn your kid into a dinosaur for the coming special day or Halloween party with this beautiful dinosaur costume idea. It’s the easiest tutorial one has ever followed and surely a great idea for beginners to try.

Making and materials: This costume is made from a Sun Basket box, transformed into a dinosaur. The process involves cutting shoulder lines, teeth, nostrils, and eyes into the box. Additional features like dinosaur spines and a tail are also cut from the material. A special connecting tool, Makedo Scru, is utilized for connection points. The costume can be customized to fit various kids’ sizes.


Cheap And Easy DIY Dinosaur Costume

Cheap And Easy DIY Dinosaur Costume

Turn your simple sweatshirt into a decent dinosaur costume by getting inspiration from this easier guide given here.

  • 1 Green sweatshirt
  • 4-6 squares of green felt
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun.

Start by cutting out shapes for spikes and tails from felt and pin them onto the sweatshirt. Sew the shapes into place and then hot glue the spike halves together. This costume takes about an hour to make and costs about $4.


DIY Cardboard Dinosaur Costume

DIY Cardboard Dinosaur Costume

This DIY Cardboard Dinosaur Costume is impressively creative and fun, vividly bringing out the playful spirit of prehistoric times. A rawr-some design for your little dino lover!

  • Three cardboard boxes
  • Spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Masking tape

Get two small boxes to serve as the head, and a larger rectangular box becomes the body. Cut and spray-paint scales and teeth, then assemble them onto the boxes. Cut out holes in the body box for the head and arms. Adjust the length to fit your child’s height, and you’re done.


Three Little Dinosaurs Costume

Three Little Dinosaurs Costume

This dinosaur costume guide suits a family with three kids of different ages; we provide the best colorful ideas for all of them to look stylized and surely make your little one a part of cosplay celebrations.


  • Purchased sweatsuits
  • Fabric
  • Glow-in-the-dark ping pong balls for Dinosaur eyes
  • Paper Mache
  • Paint

The Three Little Dinosaurs costumes were created by Peggy for her grandkids, utilizing purchased sweats and handmade elements. She crafted glow-in-the-dark ping pong ball eyes, used polyester fabric, and felt for the body. Kinzley’s costume was made girlier with a tutu. The props, dinosaur egg baskets, were made of paper mache, painted, and sealed.


How To Make A DIY Dinosaur Costume

How To Make A DIY Dinosaur Costume

Turn your little one’s hoodie into a decent dinosaur costume with the simplest supplies given below.

Dinosaur Hooded Shirt

  • Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Sweat Pants
  • Yellow Fabric
  • Green Fabric
  • Polyfill Stuffing
  • White Felt
  • Black Felt

For Dinosaur Tail

  • Yellow Fabric
  • Green Fabric
  • Polyfill Stuffing
  • Buttons
  • Elastic

Dinosaur Feet

  • Green Fabric
  • Elastic

To make a DIY dinosaur costume, create spikes and eyes for a hooded shirt using felt, fabric, and polyfill stuffing. Cut green and yellow triangles, stuff them, and sew them onto the hood. For eyes, cut circles from black and white felt. Additionally, create a dinosaur tail using fabric and stuffing, attaching a button to the hoodie. Dinosaur feet can be crafted from fabric, shaped like a child’s foot, using elastic to fit around ankles. This homemade costume is great for children’s dress-up and Halloween.


DIY Dinosaur Costume

DIY Dinosaur Costume 1

This beautiful DIY dinosaur costume is a masterpiece of creativity, transforming simple materials into a playful and delightful work of art that will be best to spread the magical essence of childhood imagination.

  • Baseball cap
  • T-shirt
  • Sheets of felt in different colors
  • Foam sheets
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pair of scissors

Start by cutting out ovals for the eyes and triangles for the teeth glued onto the hat. Next, cut triangles from the felt and glue them onto the tee shirt to create spikes. The tail is made from more felt triangles glued together. Use foam sheets to craft feet, placing over shoes. The finished product will have your little one roaring in delight!


No Sew Dinosaur Costume

No Sew Dinosaur Costume

This no-sew dinosaur costume wonderfully marries simplicity and creativity, making it a delightful and impressive do-it-yourself craft that’s surely perfect for imaginative play.

  • Hoodie
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks for the hot glue gun
  • Paper triangle for pattern

This no-sew dinosaur costume is a simple project that can be done using the simplest method given here. First, utilize the paper triangle to cut out around 20 felt triangles. Then, attach these triangles onto the hoodie’s back using hot glue, following a pattern resembling a dinosaur’s scales. You can use the different color mixing options for the scales to make your costume look more unique.


Make A Kid’s Dinosaur Costume From A Zip-up Hoodie

Make A Kid's Dinosaur Costume From A Zip-up Hoodie

The amazing dinosaur costume is bound to be a roaring success, transforming your little one into a cute and fierce prehistoric creature – perfect for Halloween or any imaginative playtime adventure!

  • A green zip-up hoodie
  • Light green felt
  • Dark green felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Orange felt
  • Black felt
  • White felt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing kit

To make this kid’s dinosaur costume from a zip-up hoodie, cut the back center of the hoodie, make triangle scales from light and dark green felt, and sew them into the slit. Create felt eyes with yellow, orange, and black circles and sew them onto the hood. Cut the hoodie’s hem and insert white felt teeth and yellow felt gums. Sew in place, and you’re done.


DIY Dinosaur Costume

easy to make Costume

Turn your little one into a cute dinosaur following this easier costume creation idea. It will be great to turn your cutie into a spooky dinosaur and also best for beginners to put their hands on an easier project in no time.

  • Green Hoodie
  • Green Pants
  • Green Fleece
  • Light Green Felt
  • Dark Green Felt
  • Thread
  • Fiber Fill
  • Sewing Needle
  • Sewing Pins
  • Elastic
  • Chalk or Fabric Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Freezer Paper
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine
  • Serger
  • Safety Pin

Making a Dinosaur Costume involves several steps. Get simple material on hand and start by making a tail pattern drawn, cut out, and sewn onto the hoodie, then stuffed with fiber fill. Spikes are made from felt and sewn onto the hoodie’s back and tail. Dinosaur feet are created by cutting out foot shapes from felt, attaching elastic, and sewing them onto shoe covers. Finally, scales are cut out of felt and sewn onto the hoodie’s stomach and knees.


Easy No-Sew Dinosaur Costume

Easy No-Sew Costume

Make a simple dinosaur costume for your kids to wear along for the Halloween parties and other events following this easier guide. It suits almost every little kid around, and the amazing degree of cuteness it possesses will make it mom’s favorite.

  • Hooded Sweatshirt
  • White Duck Tape
  • Green
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • A rotary cutter

You can follow these simplest steps and make your little one into a cute-looking dinosaur in no time.

  1. Get a hooded sweatshirt.
  2. Cut white Duck Tape into small triangle shapes for teeth.
  3. Cut colored Duck Tape into larger triangles for spikes.
  4. Attach teeth triangles to the hoodie’s edge using small pieces of white Duck Tape.
  5. Stick spike triangles along the hoodie’s center, from front to back, using the colored Duck Tape.
  6. Wear the costume and have fun!


DIY No-sew Cupcake And Dinosaur Halloween Costumes

DIY No-sew Cupcake And Halloween Costumes

Turn your princess into a cupcake and your little kid into a dinosaur following this easier idea. The children will love this appearance, and the stylized look of both costumes will leave an everlasting impact on the person seeing it.

Materials for Cupcake Costume:

  • Laundry basket
  • Duct tape
  • Tights
  • Fabric batting
  • Assorted craft foam

Materials for Dinosaur Costume:

  • Hoodie
  • Sweatpants
  • Felt
  • Iron-on adhesive

The cupcake costume is made by shaping a laundry basket into a “cupcake liner.” Fabric batting and duct tape create the “icing” and craft foam for the sprinkles. The dinosaur costume involves a simple hoodie, sweatpants, and felt cut into spikes and spots. The felt pieces are applied using iron-on glue, while a pair of leggings works as the tail. No sewing is required for either.


Dinosaurs Costumes

Dinosaurs Costumes

Make two beautiful dinosaur costume in super admirable colors following this easier guide. It’s an easier DIY project, plus the cheaper one too, and I hope you’ll love it.

  • One green kids’ outfit
  • One blue kids’ outfit
  • Purple sticky velcro sheet
  • Green sticky velcro sheet
  • Blue sticky felt
  • Green sticky felt
  • Purple sticky felt

To create the Dinosaur costume, start with a solid color base outfit, preferably green. For the spiky dinosaur back, use adhesive felt sheets in various coordinating colors, such as purple, blue, and bright green. Cut the felt sheets into large and small triangles, then attach them in a row, alternating the colors and sizes, down the back of the shirt. To make the costume more fun and detailed, create a tail using pieces of felt in coordinating colors.

Cut out two long tail shapes, attach them with adhesive, and fill the tail with batting or stuffing for a 3D effect. You can add a few small triangles on the tail for additional spikes. The final touch is a dinosaur headpiece made from a simple hoodie or beanie hat. Cut felt pieces in coordinating colors to create the eyes, nostrils, and spiky triangles to add around the hood or hat’s perimeter. Attach the felt pieces with the adhesive, and the costume is complete!


How To Make A Kid’s Dinosaur Costume

How To Make A Kid's Costume

Explore this stunning guide for making the easiest and most unique dinosaur costume in no time. You’ll need the following materials like:

  • Green tarp
  • Green ski hood
  • 36 press-on nails
  • Green pants
  • Green long-sleeve shirt
  • Green sneakers
  • Green gloves
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Sewing supplies
  • 1⁄2-inch rope
  • Large safety pins

This DIY Dinosaur Costume involves crafting scales from a green tarp for a ski hood, tee, and leggings. Nails are glued on gloves and sneakers to mimic claws. A tarp strip on the back creates the dinosaur spine, with a roped tail safety-pinned to the T-shirt. The overall costume will be enhanced with green clothing items.


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