8 DIY Horse Costume Ideas To Look Like A Four Legged Person

DIY Horse Costume Ideas

If you’re a fan of horses and want to look like him for the next Halloween party or cosplay event, following this list of DIY horse costume ideas will surely be a beneficial option. Imagine looking like a warrior riding a horse or a kid playing the role of a character at a circus; all of our horse costumes will give you a distinctive vibe. You have to use some simple colored accessories and turn them into a masterpiece wearable for November events and surely thank me later.

DIY Horse Costume

DIY Horse Costume Ideas 1

Imagine crafting a brave warrior on the horse, a flying horse for a magical appearance, or a charming cowboy horse to match classic vibes. All these super unique DIY horse costume ideas are given here. Remember, you can add personal touches, like colorful ribbons for reins or faux feathers for a more distinctive costume look, and you’ll stunned by it.

DIY Horse Costume

DIY Horse Costume

For your little rider, create this DIY costume he will love wearing for Halloween trick-or-treating and fun playdates. The horse costume is made in black, a color loved by all, and it’s a perfect way to repurpose scraps, transforming trash into a masterpiece.

  • Materials: You’ll need cardboard boxes, black spray paint, a glue gun, brown felt, masking tape, a box cutter, elastic, rope, kids’ jeans, boots, and pom-poms or wool for the mane.
  • Making: Cut out cardboard shapes for the horse’s body, head, and legs. Assemble by attaching the head and legs to the body using a glue gun. Spray paint the entire structure black and add the mane, jeans legs, and boots. Attach elastic on each side of the box so your child can comfortably wear the costume.


Cute And Easy Horse Costumes For Children

Cute And Easy Horse Costumes For Children

Creating cute and easy costumes with your children can be a delightful experience. The costume ideas provide a wonderful avenue to craft an adorable outfit perfect for any horse lover. You can opt for the cowboy costume only or pair it with the horse costume.

  • Materials​ and Making: Make a corduroy vest with suede/fringe details and a brown felt hat with running stitches to create a DIY cowboy and horse costume.  For the horse, use cardboard boxes to construct its body, neck, and head, then paint the structure white with brown spots. Attach fabric strips for the mane/tail, add buttons for the eyes, and insert ribbon reins. Complete the look with jeans, a neckerchief, and a shirt. Don’t forget to add the sheriff’s badge made from gold felt and a safety pin on the back.


DIY Wheelchair Horse Costume

DIY Wheelchair Horse Costume

What could be more adorable for a special child having a wheelchair converted into a fun and admirable costume? The costume is perfect for Halloween parties or any event where you want to bring your child. While black is used in this example, you can choose any color that suits your child’s preference or matches the theme.

  • Materials​ and Making: For the DIY Wheelchair Horse Costume, use a large cardboard box to shape the horse body, fitting it to the wheelchair. Paint it black, use black yarn for the mane/tail, and a stir stick for head support. Add final touches like a yellow saddle outline and black ribbon reins. Attach the costume to the wheelchair using zip ties for a fun, inclusive Halloween costume.


Paper Horse Mask

Paper Horse Mask

Creating a paper horse mask is a splendid DIY activity that invites creativity and a sense of achievement. Your child will love wearing it during costume theme parties, trick or treating, or regular playdates, transforming a simple dress into a Halloween costume. You can use this DIY idea to make a look like an animal by simply varying the paint colors.

  • Materials​ and Making: To make a DIY horse mask, you’ll need a 22″28″ Bristol board, felt squares for the mane, contrasting paper for eyes and muzzle markings, string, a stapler, scissors, glue stick, black marker, and a glue gun. First, mark and cut the Bristol board according to the diagram. Add a felt mane, eyes, and other features. Shape the mask by pulling together the edges and stapling them closed. Add finishing touches such as ears and adjust the nostrils for better vision. Finally, attach a string to secure the mask under your chin.


DIY Kids Horse Costume

DIY Kids Horse Costume

Your child will be set for any Halloween celebration with this DIY costume that’s not only festive but also warm and toasty. Guaranteed to bring big smiles to little faces, it’s an ideal solution for last-minute costume emergencies on a tight budget.

  • Materials: You need a matching hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, yarn, ribbon, hot glue gun, felt, black foam sheet, bandana, and cardstock.
  • Making: Begin by creating a mane by winding the yarn around the cardstock and then gluing it to the ribbon. After gluing the mane to the hood, attach a tail with yarn to the bottoms. Use felt to create ears and affix them to the hood. Make hooves by cutting and attaching foam strips to the sweatshirt cuffs; finally, add a bandana for detail.


DIY Captain America Horse Costume

Captain America Costume

This Halloween, size up the superhero fun with a four-legged Captain America! The costume is well-suited for all non-human family members and is perfect for costume rallies or other festive occasions where a chic ensemble is required. Get your furry friends ready to wow in style!

  • Materials and Making: For this DIY costume, you will use 3 yards of blue fabric, 2 yards of white, 1 yard of brown, and 2 yards of red. Kendal, the costume’s creator, hand-sewed the entire outfit for her American Paint Horse, Princess, over a month. The costume was meticulously constructed piece by piece. Although the red, white, and blue halter and shield were not handmade, the rest of the costume was crafted with hard work and dedication to achieve impressive results.


Indian Cheif & Horse Ghost Costume

Indian Cheif & Horse Ghost Costume

Dip yourself in the magical world this Halloween with the Indian Chief & Horse Ghost Costume! A blend of creativity, this costume unifies the strength of a tribal leader with a spirit-like horse. It’s more than just an outfit; it’s an adventure into myth, making sure your Halloween will be as magical and memorable.

Materials and Making: To create the Indian Chief and Horse Ghost costumes, begin with a Native American costume for the rider, including a tunic, pants, and feathered headdress. Use animal-friendly, non-toxic white paint for the horse to achieve a ghostly effect. Consider intricate tribal details for the rider’s outfit for authenticity. During the painting process, prioritize the horse’s comfort and safety. Personal creativity is key as the original costume was an individual’s unique creation.


One Cute Costume How To Make A Horse

One Cute Costume How To Make A Horse

This DIY costume idea offers a cost-effective solution for portraying multiple characters. Its strength lies in its adaptability and practicality. While it might take some time to create, this costume’s fun element and affordability make the project worth undertaking.

  • Materials and Making: The DIY horse costume from Frugal Crafter is a fun project that requires time and creative flair. The materials aren’t specified, but you’ll likely need items for costume structure and spray paint for color. It emphasizes enjoying the process, even if it takes some time, and creating a unique, cost-effective costume enjoyable for kids.


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