14 Classical DIY Scarecrow Costume Ideas For Halloween

DIY Scarecrow Costume Ideas

Creating a DIY scarecrow costume can be a fun and enjoyable experience, perfect for Halloween or themed events! Just follow the given costume ideas, and with a little creativity and a dash of determination, your charming scarecrow costume will be the talk of the town!

DIY Scarecrow Costume

DIY Scarecrow Costume Ideas 1

If you want something unique, try creating a modern scarecrow outfit following the simple and fun DIY scarecrow costume ideas gathered here. You can use the simplest materials available, and these easier ideas will blow your mind with the endless creative options to adapt.

Some of the famous attributes of these scarecrow outfits are:

  • Clothing Material: Scarecrow costumes often utilize materials such as straw or patchwork fabric to give an authentic, old-fashioned look.
  • Headpiece: All these costumes include a headpiece that might be a hat or hood, often adorned with straw hair sticking out.
    Patchwork: A traditional scarecrow costume typically features patchwork – perhaps on the knees or elbows or as part of the design fabric.
  • Color Scheme: Scarecrow costumes typically stick to earthy tones, like browns, oranges, or reds – hues that are evocative of autumn and harvest times.
  • Accessories: Accessories for scarecrow costumes might include a broom, fake crows or birds, scarecrow masks, or makeup kits to complete the look.

How To Make A Scarecrow Costume For Kids Or Adults

How To Make A Scarecrow Costume For Kids Or Adults

With a cute, classic look, this DIY creation brings together the cozy elements of fall effortlessly. Easy to assemble yet captivating, this costume promises a barrel of fun for toddlers, kids, and adults during Halloween or enactments of The Wizard of Oz.

  • Materials and Making: To create a DIY scarecrow costume, you’ll need denim overalls, a plaid shirt, scraps for patches, sheets of felt, burlap, a larger piece of felt, raffia, faux flowers and leaves, hot glue gun & sticks, and scissors. Cut and fray patches from the fabric, then hot glue them randomly on the overalls with raffia or flowers sprouting out. Add raffia to the pockets for a hay effect. Make a hat using felt, raffia, and embellishments. Complete the look by drawing seams/patches on the face and hands with brown eyeliner.


DIY Scarecrow Costume With Pieces From Your Own Closet

DIY Scarecrow Costume With Pieces From Your Own Closet

Get into the holiday spirit on short notice with this quick and trendy DIY Scarecrow Costume. Ideal for last-minute party-goers, this comfortable, stylish Halloween costume is perfect for an impromptu fun night.

  • Materials and Making: Opt for denim overalls and a plaid shirt. Use fabric scraps to create patches on your overalls using hot glue or safety pins. Fill the pockets with straw and fake leaves for an authentic look. Make-up adds a final touch, use eyeliner to draw sewn lines on your face and add a bright lip colour. Don’t forget to accessorize with a straw hat for the perfect Halloween costume.


Last Minute Easy Halloween Scarecrow Costume With Makeup

Last Minute Easy Halloween Scarecrow Costume With Makeup

The shared laughter and memories of becoming a scarecrow family are priceless. With minimal effort, you can transform your whole family into a complete scarecrow, creating a fun, memorable Halloween experience. So, use this DIY costume idea and start making it today!

  • Materials and Making: For an easy scarecrow costume, wear a flannel shirt and, optionally, a hat. Prime your face, use warm orange and brown eyeshadows and apply your regular foundation. Draw stitches on your skin using liquid eyeliner. For blush, create round shapes for rosy cheeks. The highlight should be above the stitching on your nose, brow tops, and cheekbones. Outline your lips, add black eyeshadow to the centre and top with gloss. Complete with eyeliner, mascara, and if desired, false lashes.


Scarecrow And Tin Man Halloween Costume

Scarecrow And Tin Man Halloween Costume

Want to celebrate Halloween with your friend? Then this duo of  Scarecrow Tin Man is for you! These DIY Halloween costumes are not only creative but also straightforward to assemble, and they make a great option for those looking for duo costumes. So, don’t spend too much and try these simple yet festive costumes!

  • Materials and Making: Dress up in a plaid shirt, tutu or overalls, boots, and straw hat. Create the makeup with dark blush or face paint to make a square patch on the nose, and use brown eyeliner for cross-hatch marks around it. Also, use the eyeliner to draw a large smile from the corners of your mouth to your cheeks and add cross-hatch marks along the edge. Add straws in appropriate places for an authentic touch.


DIY Sweet Scarecrow Costume

DIY Sweet Scarecrow Costume

This adorable and easy scarecrow costume is perfect for your little one who wants a spooky yet cute DIY costume. It’s an incredibly versatile costume that can work for kids of all ages. Best of all, you likely have all the necessary supplies at home!

  • Materials and Making: Glue-cut plaid fabric, faux leaves, and straw-to denim overalls. Tuck straw into cuffs and on top of overalls. Secure a plaid fabric band on a straw hat and add more leaves and straw. Apply orange makeup on the nose.

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DIY Scarecrow Costume

DIY Scarecrow Costume

Make your little ones look adorable this Halloween with this quick, easy, and economical DIY Scarecrow Costume. The materials required are already likely around your home, making this project even more convenient.

  • Materials and Making: To create a scarecrow costume, you need a plaid shirt, overalls, a straw hat, hula skirts, scissors, safety pins, and face makeup. Measure the diameters around the cuffs of the overalls and shirt arms. Cut and pin the hula skirt on these areas. Trim excess straw, dress your child, and apply face makeup to complete the scarecrow look.


Create A Perfectly Patchy Scarecrow Halloween Costume

Create A Perfectly Patchy Scarecrow Halloween Costume

This Halloween, consider dressing your girl in this DIY costume that is the perfect blend of spookiness, visual beauty, and autumn charm. The costume uses common materials and is made with comfort in mind, allowing complete mobility for the giggles and jumps during play times.

  • Materials and Making: Let’s make a fun patchy scarecrow costume! First, you need some important things: overalls, fabric scraps, Therm-o-Web HeatnBond Soft Stretch, adhesive, buttons, a hat, and grass or hay. Put the grass into the overall cuffs and fix it with some glue. Then, cut squares from the HeatnBond stuff just a bit smaller than your fabric scraps. Stick them all over your overalls in no particular order. Now, have some fun adding buttons wherever you like. Put on your hat, and you’re all set for Halloween!


DIY Scarecrow Halloween Costume

DIY Scarecrow Halloween Costume

This Halloween, show your love by dressing up in a homemade Scarecrow Costume with your daughter. This simple yet adorable outfit perfectly embodies the holiday spirit. More than that, it presents an opportunity for a heartwarming photo shoot that beautifully showcases the strong bond between you two. A picture-perfect way to celebrate the festivity!

  • Materials and Making: To create a simple scarecrow costume, grab a denim dress or overalls, a flannel shirt, and a hat. Add hay for texture and sunflowers for decoration. You can find these at your nearest store. Finish the look with scarecrow-inspired makeup. This costume is not only fun but also utilizes items you might already have in your wardrobe.


Easy Homemade Scarecrow Costume

Easy Homemade Scarecrow Costume

This costume is a fun and engaging DIY project for Halloween. It doesn’t require any sewing, and use the regular dress of your child. It’s a highly adaptable costume, and you could modify it to suit a group theme, like characters from Wizard of Oz.

  • Materials and Making: You can bring the costume to life using a straw hat, straw-colored yarn, fabric ribbon, fabric swatches in neutral and plaid, a plaid shirt, pants, and face paint. Loop and glue the yarn to the hat and dress for a straw effect. Cut fabric into patches and glue it onto your clothes. Finish with scarecrow-inspired makeup. A simple rope or yarn can be used as a belt to complete the look.


DIY Scarecrow Costume Hat Super Simple Hack

Costume Hat Super Simple Hack

The hat is a pivotal element of the Scarecrow Costume, yet its creation can seem somewhat complex. However, the DIY method shared here simplifies the process remarkably. It advises using an existing witch cap, which you can easily transform into a scarecrow hat. This cost-effective and accessible approach demystifies the task, making it attainable for everyone.

  • Materials and Making: Start with a conical hat as your base. Cut squares from fabric and fray the edges to give a weathered look. Intertwine trims and attach them to the hat. Enhance its appearance by adding florals. Stitch a few patches together with some beautiful embroidery floss and glue the patches to your hat. Lastly, add any extra embellishments to give your scarecrow hat a personalized touch.


DIY Scarecrow Halloween Costume

classical Halloween Costume

This DIY guide presents a highly flexible and affordable way to not only design your own Scarecrow Halloween Costume but also to incorporate a makeup look that’s easy to achieve with everyday products. Perfect for those last-minute Halloween party plans!

  • Materials and Making: For the costume, layer a chambray top over a white camisole, and pair it with ripped denim shorts, patterned tights, and boots. Add a floppy beach hat instead of a straw one for a twist. Use ordinary makeup products to create the perfect scarecrow face, and you’re ready to steal the show.


DIY Scarecrow Couples Costume

fun Couples Costume for halloween

Craft a simple and warm scarecrow costume that’s ideal for couples. For a playful touch, make yarn wigs – shorter ones for men and longer ones with bangs for women. This costume not only provides warmth but also is easy to layer, making it an effective and straightforward Halloween outfit.

  • Wigs: Cut your yarn into several bundles that are the same length. Tie the bundles of yarn together in the middle using an additional piece. Make sure to leave a few extra inches as this will be used to attach it to the hat. Using a tapestry needle, sew the tails of the yarn, securing each bundle through the hat. Place the bundles all over the hat, adding more each time a spot on the hat is visible.
  • For clothing: opt for jeans and a flannel shirt.
  • For makeup: Draw cheek accents with lipstick, fill in your eyebrows and draw stitch-like lines on your noses and around the edges of your mouths. For women, extra eyelashes can be drawn, and for men, some random stitches on the forehead and temple can add a finishing touch.


Scarecrow Costumes

easy to make vintage Costumes

Spice up your Halloween with this simple yet creative Scarecrow costume idea. The costume uses simple clothing from your closet and is perfect to hit the Halloween part with your hubby. Happy Trick-or-Treating with this fun costume idea!

  • Materials and Making: Use old jeans, a flannel shirt, suspenders, an old hat, and burlap. The burlap is to be tied loosely around the neck with twine. Make hay cuffs for wrists and ankles using hay and duct tape. Cut holes in the jeans, and attach a plastic bag filled with hay on the inside. Complete the costume with scarecrow makeup.


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