10 DIY Fairy Costume Ideas For Being A Princess

Fairy Costume

Bring the magic of fairies into your home with these great DIY Fairy Costume ideas. With various costumes to choose from, you’ll surely find limitless options to personalize your princess or yourself at the next party.

DIY Fairy Costume Ideas

DIY Fairy Costume Ideas

Everyone loves wings, capes, and tutus, especially little princesses; they become a more prominent part of any wear, but it’s hard to find them online or in-stores. So, to cope with this difficulty, here we have collected the best DIY fairy costume ideas that are easy to make on your own. From dressing up a baby as a fairy to sewing your vintage ball gowns, you’ll find these DIY fairy costume ideas best to even turn your littlest girls into aerialists with minimal effort and expense.

DIY Fairy Wings

Discover the magic of creating your very own DIY Fairy Wings with the guidance provided in this article. Following the straightforward and user-friendly instructions shared here, you can effortlessly design a pair of enchanting wings that capture the spirit of ethereal fairy tales. These delightful creations will add a touch of whimsy to your costume and showcase your imaginative skills.

The Simplest Way To Make Fairy Wings Is:

Here’s a brief process for crafting fairy wings with the easiest supplies available around at home:


  • Two wire hangers
  • One pair of tights or pantyhose
  • Scissors, pliers, tape
  • Ribbon or elastic string


  1. Straighten the hangers and shape them into wings. Join the two hangers in the middle.
  2. Stretch the legs of the tights over each wire wing, cut off the excess material, and tape to secure.
  3. Attach the ribbon or elastic at the wings’ center for wearing around the shoulders.
  4. Optional: Decorate as desired.

And voila! Your DIY Fairy wings are ready.

How To Make A Fairy Costume Out Of Normal Clothes

How To Make A Fairy Costume Out Of Normal Clothes

If you’re looking for a cheap or easy costume that doesn’t involve a lot of sewing, making your fairy costume is the way to go. You’ll find this fairy costume suitable for the school play, fairy themed part to blush your mood and show off your creative DIY skills to make the most useful fairy costume using the easiest materials.

  • Materials and Making: To make a fairy costume, start by crafting a no-sew tutu using ribbon, tulle, and scissors. Next, mould wire hangers into wing shapes, cover them with sheer pantyhose and secure them with sturdy tape. Paint or glitter your wings for added sparkle. Create wand and headdress accents for extra magic. Lastly, complete the look with a leotard or similar fitted top.


DIY Fairy Costume Aesthetic

Here we come with a DIY for all fairy lovers, and you’ll learn how to make yourself into a magical being with a few easy-to-follow steps and have fun making unique wearables for your next fairy-themed occasions.

DIY Fairy Costume For Adults

DIY Fairy Costume For Adults

Are you looking for a dreamy costume that will make heads turn? Nothing can be better than this amazing fairy costume idea for you to follow, go with the guidelines provided in the link, and you’ll surely end up a forest princess with minimal effort.

  • Materials and Making: Collect and preserve various leaves and large vines for a unique DIY Forest Fairy Costume. Shape the dried vines into a harness attached to a set of wings, designed with a main spine and small branches. Glue the preserved leaves to the wing structures, overlapping them for a natural effect. Create a vine tiara by twisting vines, securing them with floral wire, and adding leaves along the band. Make a wand and arm cuff using similar techniques. Pair the accessories with a matching shirt and skirt, completing a whimsical and eco-friendly Forest Fairy ensemble.


DIY Fairy Costume For Toddler

DIY Fairy Costume For Toddler

Follow my tutorial to make a tutu perfect for your woodland fairy costume, or use it as an inspiration to create even more amazing tutus for your little princess. This amazing project is quick, easy, and sure to help you create the perfect look! So, if you’re a beginner looking to make fun additions to your little one’s wardrobe, this amazing idea will surely be the best option.

  • Materials and Making: Create a charming DIY Fairy Costume from felt. Use a PDF template and cut out felt pieces, accenting with glitter iron-on vinyl for a metallic touch. Add colour to white felt flowers using an art marker. Complete the costume with green fairy wings, adding satin leaf trim for texture. Attach leaf trim straps to a crochet top to tie the look together. Perfect for Halloween, this fairy costume proves homemade can outshine store-bought.


Easy DIY Fairy Costume For Adults

Easy DIY Fairy Costume For Adults

The fairy costume is one of the simplest and most popular costumes for women to make. With easier instructions and photos, this guide will show you how to make your DIY fairy custome in less than 15 minutes. If you want to look like a real fairy but require minimal effort and time, this guide is exactly what you need!

  • Materials and Making: Create an earthy Forest Fairy Costume using a Renaissance dress and fabric dyes. Fold and dip the dress in sandstone and chocolate brown dyes, adding a hint of orange for depth. For the overdress, cut off its hems and dye it, too. This creates a more rustic look. After all dyeing steps, rinse and let both pieces air dry. Short, sharp, and no sewing required, you’ve created a whimsical fairy costume!


Easy DIY Fairy Costume

Easy DIY Fairy Costume

Are you looking for an easy DIY fairy costume? Then you’re in luck! This amazing tutorial will help you create a glamorous and cute ensemble that will take your little one’s imagination to another world. With items from around the house and a few craft supplies, you can easily make this affordable and simple costume for Halloween or everyday dress-up fun.

  • Materials and Making: Create a budget fairy costume with nature-inspired hues. Start with loose clothing from thrift stores – a dress, top or skirt is ideal. For accessories, craft your wings using wire hangers and pantyhose. A plastic headband adorned with silk flowers makes an enchanting crown. Finally, secure elf ears from air-dry clay to the headband.


DIY Fairy Costume For Child

princess Costume For Child

Are you looking for an easy DIY fairy costume? Then you’re in luck! This amazing tutorial will help you create a glamorous and cute ensemble that will take your little one’s imagination to another world. With items from around the house and a few craft supplies, you can easily make this affordable and simple costume for Halloween or everyday dress-up fun.

  • Materials and Making: Create a DIY Tooth Fairy costume using a leotard, tutu, fairy wings, wand, silver leggings, and crown. Add tooth-themed details like a tooth applique on the leotard and wand and a necklace and bracelet made of plastic teeth. This creative costume not only adds fun to Halloween but can be a great addition to your child’s dress-up wardrobe too.


DIY Fairy Costume Womens Accessories


This is a great DIY Costume for Halloween or a fun girls’ night out! This fairy costume is perfect if your child loves dressing up and being imaginative. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the video and make personalized accessories to stylize your costume and make yourself stand out on the next occasion.

Last Minute DIY Fairy Costume

This is a quick DIY Fairy Costume – a unique and cute DIY project. This amazing idea will guide you through the easy steps to make it. This is quite easy to pull off, while also being very charming. The best part about this project is that it needs minimal supplies and can complete in less than 15 minutes. Stop waiting and start creating – follow the steps outlined below!

No Sew Tutu For Fairy Costume

No Sew Tutu For kids Costume

Have fun helping your little girl make a no-sew tutu for her fairy costume. This DIY tutu is easy and quick; it won’t take you more than 30 minutes to make it. Your daughter can run and twirl around in this tutu that makes its pouffe because of its well-designed shape. The ribbon used in this step is sturdy enough to be tied around once or twice, which makes it very adjustable for sizing. It can grow with your child until she outgrows it.

  • Materials and Making: Prepare soft tulle fabric, elastic, and basic tools. Measure the child’s waist and calculate tulle strip lengths. Cut the desired number of tulle strips and attach them to the elastic waistband using slip knots. Trim any uneven edges for a neat finish and you are done!


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