7 Easy DIY Bluey Costume Ideas For Kids And Adults

DIY Bluey Costume Ideas

Creating a DIY Bluey costume can be both fun and simple! Here is a variety of Bluey costume options available for children and adults to enjoy; they can look like a decent bluey and enjoy their Halloween parties and other copay events in a flair.

Fun DIY Bluey Costume Ideas

DIY Bluey Costume Ideas 1

You can use different color combinations to make bluey costumes; some may refer to lighter shades or darker ones. I suggest following the event’s vibe because Bluey costume is much easier to customize, so there is nothing to worry about.

Some of the basic attributes to make yourself look like a realistic bluey are:

  • Color: As this is specified to be a blue costume, the dominant color should be various shades of blue. This includes light blue, navy blue, royal blue, baby blue, and more.
  • Material: The chosen material could be anything from cotton, silk, satin, and velvet to synthetic fabrics. Your choice will depend on the type of costume- For example, if it’s a superhero costume, you might want something shiny like satin or stretchy like spandex.
  • Style: The costume style depends on the character or theme you’re going for. This could be a princess gown, a superhero suit, a pirate costume, etc.
  • Accessories: Often, the little details make a big difference. Accessories like hats, gloves, masks, shoes, jewelry, or props all add credibility and authenticity to your costume.
  • Crafting Supplies: You might need various crafting supplies for your DIY project, including a sewing machine/thread/needles if you plan to sew it yourself, glue for attaching any additional decoration, fabric paint, etc.
  • Sizing: Ensure you take correct measurements of the person who will wear the costume; this includes measurements for length, width, chest, waist, and arms.
  • Comfort: While style is important, you want to ensure the costume is comfortable. Avoid any scratchy or stiff materials that might cause discomfort.

Bluey Costume DIY

Bluey Costume DIY

Create a simple yet adorable Bluey costume for your family this Halloween! Quick, fun, and suitable for all family members, this Bluey costume idea is sure to make all your Halloween photos memorable.

  • DIY Bluey Costume: Obtain a blue hoodie and blue felt in light and dark shades and white and black iron-on materials. Cut pocket shapes from the felt and attach them to the hoodie using fusible adhesive and an iron. Add eyes and various dots to the costume using the Cricut cut files provided in the original blog post.
  • Bluey’s Dad’s Costume: Cut a tan fabric piece for the belly and add a dark blue spot on the back. Attach the details using cut files, Cricut Maker, iron-on materials, and an iron. Add light blue eyebrows for the eyes using the provided cut file.
  • Bluey’s Costume: Add three smaller dark blue dots on the sides of the blue hoodie. Use the same cut files from the DIY Bluey Costume for the eyes and eyebrows.
  • Bingo’s Costume: Add three smaller tan dots on the back of a tan hoodie. Eyebrows for Bingo match the same tan color, but since the hoodie doesn’t have a hood, the eye cut file is not used.
  • Bluey’s Mum’s Costume: Similar to Bingo, add three tan dots on the back of a tan hoodie. Use the same cut file provided in the blog post for the tan eyebrows. For more information, visit the link below:


DIY Bingo Costume From Bluey

DIY Bingo Costume From Bluey

This DIY costume allows for creative fun while celebrating your child’s favorite TV character. The costume is just perfect for your child’s trick-or-treating adventures, keeping them cozy, warm, and toasty during chilly nights.Also, you can easily go to bingo to bullet by switching the fabric color.

  • Materials and Making: To create a DIY Bingo costume, begin with a mustard sweatshirt and leggings. Use wool felt in off-white, mustard, and dark orange to add Bingo’s distinctive spots, tail, ears, and eyebrows to the sweatshirt. Sew these elements on manually, making sure the ears stand up. For additional detailing, add off-white gloves and white canvas shoes to complete the outfit.


How To Make A Bluey And Bingo Costume

How To Make A Bluey And Bingo Costume

Craft a delightful, fun outfit for your kids with minimal sewing skills using the Bluey and Bingo costumes. Although this project involves sharp tools and may require a hot iron, its completion promises smiles from your little ones. Remember that while Bluey and Bingo are almost similar, don’t miss out on the dark blue spots on Bluey’s top. The guide provides instructions for crafting both costumes seamlessly.

  • Materials and Making: For this easiest DIY costume, you will need an orange/blue long-sleeved top and pants, synthetic stuffing, no-sew iron-on adhesive, felt in matching colors, and white gloves. Cut felt pieces for body spots, chest, and paws; attach using adhesive. Lastly, use more felt and stuffing to create a tail. Don’t forget printable Bluey and Bingo face masks to complete the look.


Quick Homemade Bingo Costume

Quick Homemade Bingo Costume

Creating a quick, homemade Bingo costume from Bluey can be an exciting DIY task. With some care and creativity, your child’s Bingo costume will come to life, perfect for a fun-filled day of pretend play or a special costume event.

  • Materials and Making: Creating a DIY Bingo costume requires an orange jumper and pants, light yellow-cream felt, gloves of the same color, a matching felt sheet, elastic, scissors, sticky tape, and a sewing or needle kit. After printing and cutting out the Bingo mask, stitch the felt arch onto the jumper for the belly. Assemble the tail with both felts, stuffing, and elastic. Dress your child and finish off with the mask.


DIY Bluey Costume

DIY Bluey Costume

This Halloween, consider dressing your child in this DIY Bluey costume! The costume comes to life using materials that might already be present in your home and require minimal sewing, which could be replaced by gluing.

  • Materials and Making: Use a sky-blue sweatshirt and leggings as the base. Create spots using three shades of blue wool felt, and attach them to the sweatshirt. Make a tail from the felt, sew it together, and attach it to the sweatshirt. Paint white canvas shoes blue, and cut light-blue gloves for paws. Complete with a free pointed ear sewing pattern, creating ears from felt and sewing onto the sweatshirt’s hood.


DIY Bluey Costume

easy to make and fun costume

Embrace the Halloween spirit and style your family as the characters from the beloved children’s TV show, “Bluey.” Applying a few basic accessories and some glue, this tutorial guides you through crafting a fun and memorable costume experience, all on a budget!

  • Bluey Costume: Cut the lighter blue felt fabric into an oval shape for Bluey’s chest and glue it to the front of the shirt or sweatshirt. Cut out dark blue felt circles for Bluey’s ears, glue them on the hoodie, or use an ear headband. Use the darker blue fabric to create the blue spots on Bluey’s fur, attaching them to the costume’s back with fabric glue.
  • Bingo Costume: Cut the tan felt fabric into an oval shape for Bingo’s chest and glue it to the front of the outfit. Add brown spots to her back on the right side. Use tan felt triangles to add ears to a hoodie, or you can use ear headbands.
  • Adults’ Heeler Costumes: Cut out spots from navy blue felt fabric and glue them onto the blue t-shirt; use the lighter blue felt for the chest area. Wear a dog-ear headband to mimic Bandit’s ears.


DIY Bluey Costume For Kids

Costume For Kids

Making a DIY Bluey or Bingo costume can be a cost-effective and simple activity. If you’ve struggled to find a suitable costume at a fair price, this tutorial is for you. With a mask template from Bluey’s official website, shape your child’s favorite character just as they imagine, completing the look with optional matching trousers and shoes.

  • Materials and Making: To make a Bluey costume, you only need a blue sweatshirt with a hood and felt in different colors. Print the mask template from Bluey. The TV cut out and traced onto felt. Glue the felt onto the sweatshirt, adding details like the ears and tail. Optionally, pair them with blue pants and shoes. You will do the same with the other one!


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