13 DIY Disco Costume Ideas To Turn Beat On This Halloween

DIY Disco Costume Ideas

DIY disco costume ideas can make you the life of the party without breaking the bank. They will be best for adding an extra touch of the 70s vibe to your Halloween wear and disco night, especially for trying out wavy or afro hairstyles or wearing a funky wig.

DIY Disco Costume Ideas

DIY Disco Costume Ideas 1

These amazing and unique DIY Disco ball costume ideas can best suit kids and adults and also be great for adding a touch of disco style to your cosplay events or Halloween parties. It’s not just a simple ball wrapped around your belly. It’s a complete aura that spreads around and helps add a disco vibe to any event.

The main attributes of a disco costume are:

  • Bright and Shiny Colors: Disco costumes often involve metallic or shiny fabrics in bright and bold colors like gold, silver, red, purple, etc.
  • Sequins and Glitter: Sequins and glitter are essential components of a disco costume. These drew attention and reflected the light on the disco dance floor.
  • Polyester Fabric: This fabric was very popular during the 70s disco era. Clothes were often made of shiny polyester.
  • Platform Shoes: These shoes were part of the disco style, often with high and chunky heels.
  • Large Jewelry: Disco style included oversized earrings, big pendants, and chunky bracelets.
  • Halter Neck and Plunge Necklines: For women, disco outfits often featured halter neck and plunge neckline dresses, which were typically tight at the waist and flared at the bottom.
  • Disco Suits: For men, the disco style often included three-piece suits with wide lapels and flared trousers, often in bold colors.
  • Afro Hairstyle: Disco costumes are often associated with the Afro hairstyle, a popular look in the disco era.

Mirrored Disco Ball Halloween Costume

Mirrored Disco Ball Halloween Costume

Delight the crowd and become the heart of the dance floor with the sparkling Mirrored Disco Ball costume! Its attractive, round shape turns you into a walking party, attracting people and fueling the dance energy around you. Release your inner dancing queen and have fun as the standout star at the party!

  • Materials and Making: To craft a Mirrored Disco Ball Halloween Costume, two 24-inch plastic domes are adorned with mirrored material and held together with heavy-duty Velcro. Silver belts act as wearable straps. The costume’s edges are padded with foam tape and disguised with silver tape. It completes with a sequined top, hot pants, sparkly tights, silver gloves, sandals, a silver wig, and battery-operated lights.


DIY Disco Ball Costume

DIY Disco Ball Costume

Here’s the costume for those who love parties and love to steal the show. Its amazingly over-the-top design, made from basic materials, shows creativity and style. This costume isn’t just a Halloween highlight but also perfect for any event that requires a fun costume.

  • Materials and Making: The Disco Ball Costume from Studio DIY involves paper mache crafting and holographic ribbon. Start with a 36″ balloon and four layers of paper mache. Once dry, deflate the balloon to create a sturdy sphere. Cut openings for your body, trim and attach holographic ribbon all over, and secure straps within for wearing. Complete with disco heels, shorts, and a silver top hidden beneath.


Pinata Disco Queen Costume

Pinata Disco Queen Costume

Become the star of the show with this eye-catching DIY costume that showcases your style in a dazzling and colorful manner. This costume features countless colors and is lightweight, allowing you to move freely and effortlessly as you dance and show off your moves. Start making it today!

  • Materials  Start with bell-bottom pants, a crop top, iridescent cellophane paper, Mod Podge, scissors, and confetti.
  • Making: Apply Mod Podge to the shirt, add confetti, and let it dry. Cut and attach cellophane paper fringe to the front of the pants and shirt sleeves. Complete the outfit with a mermaid wig, pink sunglasses, and a confetti-covered belt.


Disco Dream Girl Costume

Disco Dream Girl Costume

Start the party wherever you go with this DIY disco costume. It represents the complete spirit of the party because of its disco ball mounted on the head. Easy to inflate and deflate, the balloons are a no-brainer for any seasonal party plan. This costume isn’t just perfect for your Halloween repertoire; it’s also excellent for a flashy New Year bash!

  • Materials: Create a Disco Dream Girl Costume using a leotard, sewing materials, wooden dowels, and an Anagram Disco Mylar Balloon.
  • Making: Sew a rectangle of fabric onto the back of the leotard to make a dowel slot. Spray paint dowels silver, secure them together, and attach a wire hook at the top. Inflate the disco balloon and hang it from the dowel hook. Slide the dowel into the leotard’s back slot to complete your portable disco. Wear your disco dress, and you are ready to rock the party!


Easy Disco Ball Costume

Easy Disco Ball Costume

Prepare for the party with this gleaming DIY costume that transforms you into a dreamy party sensation. The costume’s disco ball is pinched from the front and buffered from the back, providing free movement and easy danceability. Furthermore, you can adjust the ball’s size and shape to your preference.

  • Materials and Making: This unique homemade Disco Ball Costume uses chicken wire for the base. Once the desired shape is achieved, cover with a Rigid Wrap and let dry. Adhere 817 1″ square mirror tiles all over your sphere. To help carry the 25-pound costume, craft supports from lanyards. The result will light up the room at your party.


Disco Ball Costume

Disco Ball Costume 1

Here’s another DIY disco costume that is sure to earn you tons of compliments. The costume is made from materials that are likely already present in your home and creates a shiny reflection with its reflective sheeting. Pair it with a black or silver-themed outfit and step into the party with style!

  • Materials and Making: The costume is made with paper mache, flour, newspaper, staples, duct tape, and shiny ribbon. Simply make the ball by paper mache crafting using flour and water. Once dry, deflate the balloon to create a sturdy sphere. Add the shiny silver paper by gluing, and complete the bawl by adding silver straps.


Disco Halloween Costume

Disco Halloween Costume

Stylish, comfortable, and cost-effective, this is an excellent idea for expecting mothers during the Halloween season. The baby bump resembles a disco ball, creating a fun vibe. Interestingly, this costume can also work perfectly for others looking to show off their fit figure.

  • Materials and Making: To create a DIY Maternity Halloween Disco Ball costume, you just need a piece of large stretch sequin fabric. Sew it up the back to create a dress. Accessories like a headband can be sourced from a dollar store. Enhance the look with silver eyeshadow and loose silver glitter applied with eyelash glue. Complete with eyeliner, false eyelashes, and a metallic lip.


Human Disco Ball Dreams Come True

Human Disco Ball Dreams Come True

Steal the spotlight with this DIY human disco pattern that’s perfect for party girls of all ages. The costume, sparkling from top to toe, showcases a beautiful disco ball, a shiny, bubble-patterned jacket, and silver leggings. The outfit looks elegant with white sneakers, but you could also opt for matching silver sandals or shoes.

  • Materials and Making: Create a Human Disco Ball costume by paper-macheing an exercise ball. Inflate the ball, mix PVA wood glue with water, apply the paper-mache mixture, let it dry, and add 4+ layers. Paint it dark gray, then attach mirror chips with glue. To wear, secure wooden dowels inside the ball with zip ties, and feed adjustable ropes through the dowels that can be worn over your shoulders. Shine on, Disco Ball!


DIY Easy Disco Ball Costume

Easy Ball Costume

Rock the party with this DIY costume! The costum is beginner-friendly; you can whip it up within a few hours. Whether for Halloween or a themed party, a DIY disco costume truly allows you to shine and become the life of the party!

  • Materials and Making: Create a DIY Disco Ball costume with a paper mache and a 36-inch balloon as a base. Mix flour and water for paper mache, apply on the balloon, and let dry before cutting out the top and bottom for your body. Spray paint it silver, then cut and attach holographic adhesive vinyl squares in a mosaic pattern for the mirrored effect. Glue and staple silver ribbon to make straps. Put on the costume and get ready to dance the night away!


Disco Diva

Disco Diva

The costume is a blend of sultry disco and personal style, offering a look that is both effortless and homemade. It presents a trendy and modern appeal with an elegant dress, stylish wig, and furred cape. Best of all, the disco ball is not just for aesthetics; it also serves as a functional bag.

  • Materials: Achieve a DIY Disco Diva look by combining store-bought and existing accessories. Purchase a dress, afro wig, sunglasses, and disco balls. One disco ball can be modified into a purse with a detachable chain. Reuse belts and assorted jewelry you already own.


Disco Ball Costume

Ball Costume

Make your little princess’s Halloween or costume-themed party special and unforgettable with this DIY costume. It’s also perfect for photo props. This costume signifies the perfect blend of style, creativity, and festive charm.

  • Materials and Making: The Disco Ball Costume involves creating a paper mache sphere using a 3′ balloon. Inflate the balloon and apply several layers of newspaper dipped in flour-water mix. Allow it to dry, then deflate and remove the balloon. Cut holes for your body, spray paint it grey, and stick on 1″ mirror paper squares using spray glue. Attach cross-elastic straps inside for wearing. Pair it with the silver costume and footwear, and you are done!


Here’s another costume for your little one to wear at the party. The costume is easy to make and a great way to spend fun crafting time with your little one. So, watch the complete video tutorial and start making this DIY costume today.

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