Pokemon Coloring Pages

10 New Pokemon Coloring Pages ( Free Printables For Kids)

We’ve separated several fun coloring pages from the broad world of Pokemon just for little artists like you. The choices for the characters of Pokemon are much more diverse as Pokemon’s main hero, just Ash, has 77 Pokemon characters to call companions! Yet, we put much effort and have gathered a special collection of some of the most loved Pokemon coloring sheets, especially focusing on your favorite Pikachu.

Pokemon Coloring Pages

These easy Pokemon coloring sheets will transport you directly into the fantasy world of Pokemon, a world you’ve often seen in cartoons and games. Now, it’s all set to jump off the screen and onto your coloring books!

But wait, coloring these pages doesn’t just offer fun. Let’s share some advantages:

  • Coloring has a calming effect on the mind. It’s an incredible way to chill and express your creativity.
  • Coloring helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, making you even better at catching ’em all.
  • You can Recognize and name different colors and learn more about your favorite Pokemon characters.

Your Pokemon coloring pages eagerly await the touch of your magical colors! Go ahead, print them out, and let the master-coloring session begin.

Pokemon Coloring Pages

Pokemon Coloring Pages

Charmandar is the focus of this coloring page, a Pokemon well-known for its ability to release flame blasts from its tail. In this scene, your Pokemon has turned around to fire flaming bullets at the enemy while bravely watching behind. Signs of Already released blazes are also here in this scene.

Imagine the excitement as you color in this flaming feature, highlighting Charmander’s fire nature with hues of orange and blue.

This coloring page is a must-have whether you’re a Pokemon fan or fascinated by the character of Charmandar.


Easy Pokemon Coloring Pages

Easy Pokemon Coloring Pages

This coloring page perfectly catches the cuteness of your electricity king Pikachu, making it a great coloring companion. He is just trying to bring all its electric power into you, so don’t worry about the meal while coloring it.

Your Pikachu will have its pretty uniform with a color scheme of red and yellow. As you color in Pikachu, pay special attention to the shocks from the frame.

These details truly demand the touch of your crayons for perfect definition.


Dive Into The World Of Pokemon Coloring Pages

Dive Into The World Of Pokemon Coloring Pages

In this coloring page, Pikachu, Squirtle, and Poliwhirl are having a party eating balls of twist-wrapped sweets overflowing from a big basket. Just color in the sugary delights and bring this joyful celebration to life!

Poliwhirl even joins in on the fun, sitting comfortably in the of the baskets. Surrounding our party, pokemon are shining stars.

This is the perfect Pokemon coloring page for a cartoon-themed party, guaranteed to bring smiles and joy to any kid’s coloring adventure!


Pokemon Coloring Picture

Pokémon Coloring Pictures

Here stands Pikachu, ready to amaze and delight you with its playful charm. But wait, there’s something extra special about this Pikachu! It’s proudly wearing Ash’s hat!

This adorable addition truly enhances Pikachu’s beauty. Here you can not only color your Pikachu but also the Ashes hat!


Cute Pokemon Coloring Pages

Cute Pokemon Coloring Pages

Our special guest is Eevee, a super cute Pokemon that looks like a fox with a furry mane in the front. Eevee is extra special because it can evolve into many different forms, giving a chance to have seven collections of Evee coloring pages!

And guess what? You can complete this coloring page by adding the background shades. Consider creating a beautiful scene for Eevee to explore or a cozy spot for Eevee to relax.

This coloring page will be a fantastic addition to your Pokemon coloring pages collection and provide many hours of coloring enjoyment.


Our incredible Pokemon coloring page is featuring not one, not two, but four of your beloved Pokemon friends, Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon in one pakage!

This sheet comes with a live tutorial on how you can color these adorable Pokemon pals perfectly. You don’t have to spend extra time researching the exact coloring schemes.

Just follow along with the tutorial and choose your preferred coloring tools, whether it is colorful pencils or watercolor paints. The choice is all yours!

Pokemon Coloring Pages Easy

Pokemon Coloring Pages Easy

Pikachu is the signature Pokemon of the animated series and holds a special place in every heart. This coloring page celebrates the friendship between Pikachu and its beloved trainer Ash.

This coloring page may have many details just for Ash and Pikachu, but even young kids can easily color it without difficulty. It’s the perfect coloring page that teaches young children about the values of friendship without being overcomplicated.

So why not call a friend and spend a day full of Pokemon coloring joy and friendship together?


Legendary Pokémon Coloring Pages

Legendary Pokémon Coloring Pages


The popular Greninja is one of Ash’s 77 amazing Pokemon! This fantastic coloring page displays Ash and Greninja standing side by side with a pose representing their strong teamwork and unbreakable bond.

Children of all ages will love coloring in the lively details and expressions of both Ash and Greninja, making this an unforgettable activity.

Invite your parents to join you in this coloring adventure for extra fun and memorable bonding time!


Cute Pokemon Coloring Pages

Our Cute Pokemon Coloring Pages are starring the always cheery Pikachu! This coloring sheet shows Pikachu looking very excited. it seems like his best buddy, Ash, is on his way! Pikachu’s arm raised high as if signaling his arrival.

Once colored, it can easily change into a unique and personal greeting card to say ‘Hi’!

Share warm greetings and Pokemon love with friends and family by coloring on this cute Pikachu page.


Vaporeon Coloring Pages

Vaporeon Coloring Pages

Jump into a fresh and active watery adventure with our Vaporeon Coloring Page! Vaporeon, which looks like an ocean horse with a shark-like tail, has just appeared from the ocean, and it’s keen for a good time with your watercolors.

Remember, there’s no limit to your creativity! This coloring page isn’t just a fun activity but a way to learn about various shades of blue.



We tried to provide you with brand-new and high-quality Pokemon coloring pages. Our goal has always been to move from normal and traditional design and include creativity in our work.

We selected the best Pokemon coloring sheets that the average little shader can color in just a few minutes. Given the iconic cartoon franchise’s increasing popularity and the wide range of characters, it features, it wasn’t a simple task to collect only some.

But we explored the different Pokelands and selected some of the most interesting ones just for you. There are endless options for coloring pleasure in a universe as vast and diverse as the one occupied by Pokemon. We hope you like our effort and find it appealing.

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