10 DIY Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas For Halloween

DIY Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas

If you’re looking to step into the eerie world of the Sanderson sisters this Halloween, then these DIY Hocus Pocus costume ideas could be your perfect choice. They will best spread the sense of spookiness and style to your Halloween parties, like being a cosplay character and showing your love for the Sanderson sisters.

DIY Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas

DIY Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas 1

You can toss up the hocus pocus looks up to your desire, like altering the wearables with a skirt having net leggings underneath or going with a long gown-like appearance to resemble the movie’s witch character.

We have provided the best and most amazing ideas for making hocus pocus in the below list, although you can also modify them.

Some of the main attributes of the hocus pocus costume are:

  • Colorful Dresses: Each Sanderson sister has a distinct style and color of dress. Winifred wears green, Mary is seen in red, and Sarah dons purple. Use similar colored dresses as the base for each costume.
  • Capes and Aprons: You can use a purple apron or any old fabric cape to make an admirable addition to your sanderson dress. 
  • Iconic Hairstyles: All the Winifred sisters have an instantly recognizable hairstyle. Winnie has red, curly locks; Mary sports a unique twisted-up style; and Sarah has long, wavy blonde hair. Use wigs or style your hair to match each look.
  • Accessories: The sisters have various accessories that add to their overall appearance. Winifred carries a small broomstick, Mary has a stuffed bat that hangs from her belt, and Sarah wears lacy cuffs on her dress.
  • Witch Makeup: Add makeup to emulate their magical facial features, with dark, exaggerated eyebrows and sinister grins, although each character has unique makeup instructions, too.

DIY Hocus Pocus Costumes

DIY Hocus Pocus Costumes

Looking for a unique and fun DIY Halloween costume idea? This Diy plan provides a splendid inspiration for the Shower Pouf Costume! Suitable for girls of any age, you can customize this costume in any color you wish. The creation process is so straightforward, making it a perfect last-minute costume that is sure to shine!

  • Winifred Sanderson: Gem-colored layered dresses, Red Queen wig, long corseted green dress, cape, buck teeth, witch shoes, and long fake nails. Inspired and bold leader look.
  • Mary Sanderson: Fortune teller dress, red corseted vest, craft cone hairstyle/quality wig, witch shoes, striped leggings, red cape. Quirky, fun-loving witch attire.
  • Sarah Sanderson: Dyed white corset, draped fabrics, red fishnet sleeves, sexy witch shoes, garter boy shorts, red/purple sashes. Seductive and captivating appearance.


DIY Hocus Pocus Dani Dennison Halloween Costume

DIY Hocus Pocus Dani Dennison Halloween Costume

For a nostalgic Halloween costume, the DIY Dani Dennison costume is perfect for classic film fans. This costume idea blends spookiness, creativity, and cuteness, making it perfect for siblings. Whether it’s trick-or-treating or any other Halloween party, the DIY costume idea is sure to delight.

  • Materials and Making: To create your DIY Dani Dennison costume, paint a sun motif and add a black cord to an orange t-shirt. Craft a fringe scarf with yarn, and add ribbons and fringe trim to a black skirt. Paint the rim of a witch hat orange, attaching tulle with Halloween-colored pom-poms. Include red lipstick, a pumpkin bucket, and a cat-themed accessory for the complete look.


Hocus Pocus Costumes For The Family

Hocus Pocus Costumes For The Family

Celebrating Halloween as a family? Try the Hocus Pocus costumes for the whole family for an enjoyable and spooky night! Whether your family is hosting a Halloween party or attending as guests, dressing up in this DIY idea will never disappoint you!

  • Winifred: Get a Winifred-style wig and dress. Add her symbolic eye necklace. Complete the look with a red heart on the lips and rosy cheeks.
  • Sarah: Start with a Sarah-like wig and dress. Apply lipstick and add a black mole on the face.
  • Mary: Obtain a Mary-type wig and dress. Secure wigs with bobby pins and a nylon cap.
  • Binx: Wear all black. Add whiskers with eyeliner and use simple black cat ears.


Winnifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus DIY Costume

Winnifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus DIY Costume

Isn’t it delightful to dress your child in this easy DIY costume for Halloween trick or treating adventures? Its step-by-step DIY illustrates how to make this iconic Hocus Pocus character look, even detailing how to style a ginger wig. With a focus on crafting Winifred’s recognizable green cape and purple dress, this guide makes it easy to bring Halloween magic to life.

  • Materials and Making: Start with a ginger curly wig and a green cape from Amazon. Modify the cape by cutting the bottom, painting gold symbols, and using a brooch for closure. Find a purple dress with a gold-laced bodice and remove any silver buckle. Finally, apply red lipstick on the middle part of the lips for Winnie’s signature look.


DIY This Hocus Pocus Group Costume For Your Main Witches

DIY This Hocus Pocus Group Costume For Your Main Witches

Planning to celebrate Halloween as a full squad? If yes, consider this DIY costume idea to transform your group into enchanting, adorable witches. Inspired by the Hocus Pocus movie, this costume will guarantee a memorable occasion and provide an opportunity for a fantastic photoshoot.

  • Winifred: Get a green cape & ginger wig. Modify the cape, and paint gold symbols. Find a purple dress, and remove the silver buckle.
  • Sarah: Choose a pink outfit & corset. Apply smokey eye makeup, red lipstick, and pale foundation.
  • Mary: Combine orange top & witch cape. Style hair in a messy ponytail with pinned strands.
  • Binx: Wear an all-black outfit. Attach a pair of cat ears. Draw whiskers with black eyeliner.


Hocus Pocus Sisters Costume

Hocus Pocus Sisters Costume

Show off the love and unity of your group by adopting this costume idea this Halloween! Whether you are siblings, colleagues or cousins this this costume is sure to get each of you compliments. So, select your characters and start making them today!

  • Winifred: Start with a green velvet dress, and add a green and gold cloak. You might need to sew or find a specific collar. Don’t forget a red curly wig, green makeup, and bold red lips.
  • Mary: Begin
  • with a maroon tunic; add orange details on the sleeves and neckline. Add a purple apron skirt. Use a long black wig and create Mary’s unique hairstyle. Don’t forget the round glasses and a mole.
  • Sarah: Find a long, flowy, purple, and pinkish satin dress. Add a cape if you like. Complete with a long blonde wig and wear it with long, loose cu


5 Minute DIY Hocus Pocus Mommy & Me Costume

5 Minute DIY Hocus Pocus Mommy & Me Costume

This speedy and adorable costume guide transforms the mother-child duo into a spellbinding book, and Thackery Binx collects the adorable memories of its first Halloween. The best part it requires only a few minutes and materials to complete and deal for busy moms!

  • Materials and Making: For the book prop, use cardboard, sharpie, and vinyl. Print eye and snake designs, cut them out, and stick them on the cardboard. Draw stitch lines. Attach brown elastic to wear. Cut ear shapes from black and gray craft foam for the baby cat costume. Glue pieces to a black baby hat, and add a tail to the onesie with velcro. Enjoy!


Hocus Pocus Family Costume

easy to make Family Costume

Dressing the whole family in the same theme is always fun and strengthens your bond. Based on the characters from the Hocus Pocus movie, this DIY costume idea is a perfect choice in this regard. It offers a perfect blend of spookiness, festivity, and visual beauty!

  • Materials and Making: For a Hocus Pocus family costume, dress your toddler as Thackery Binx with a one-piece pajama and a beanie with cat ears. Dani Dennison’s outfit needs a black scarf with holes tied with colorful yarn, a layered skirt with glued ribbons, a black turtleneck, and red sweats. Sarah Sanderson requires a dress, choker, and a blonde wig, while a ready-made costume is perfect for Billy Butcherson.


Easy Hocus Pocus Costume

Easy Sanderson sister Costume

Displaying creativity and thriftiness, this family costume idea successfully brought the love of Hocus Pocus to life on a budget. By repurposing old dresses and using clever tricks, the sisters will have never looked more heartwarming and exciting. Kudos to the husband for his witty sign and cap that added a clever touch to the ensemble!

  • Sarah: Torn pieces of an old prom dress make the perfect outfit. The red princess dress, found at a consignment store, with hair and makeup done by yourself, finishes the look. For Mary, colored pipe cleaners can be used in their hair, and lip stain creates her characteristic lopsided lips. Don’t forget her catchphrase. For more information, visit the link below:


DIY Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Costumes

Easy to make Sanderson Sisters Costumes

The themed outfits, inspired by the family’s love for Hocus Pocus, beautifully embody the spirit of the season. These costumes put a fresh, delightful spin on family-themed Halloween dressing. Hats off to this creative mom for taking DIY to a new level!

  • Materials and Making: The creator purchased fabric worth $80 from Hobby Lobby for Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters costumes. The Sanderson Sisters outfits from the internet were designed for tweens and older kids, so the creator made the outfits herself to fit younger children.


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