8 Easy Summer Perler Beads Patterns To Spread Fun

Easy Summer Perler Bead Patterns

The Summer Perler Beads Patterns list offers a delightful collection of vibrant summer fruits and other Perler bead crafts that can make anyone smile.

Summer Perler Bead patterns

Easy Summer Perler Bead Patterns 1

These eye-catching designs, made with tiny beads that fuse together, capture the essence of warm, sunny days and wholesome sweet treats. Bring a touch of summer into your home, or use them as unique handmade gifts for loved ones. From juicy watermelon and ice lollies to adorable beach-themed designs, there’s sure to be a pattern to match your summer mood and inspire your creativity!

How To Make Summer Perler Beads

Making these patterns is quite easy: arrange the small, colorful beads on a pegboard and then use an iron to melt them together. This activity not only helps pass time on a hot summer day but also allows you to express your artistic side. With so many designs to choose from, Summer Perler Bead Patterns are a fantastic way to explore your creativity and make beautiful art pieces to share with family and friends.

Water Melon slice Perler Bead Pattern

Summer Food Perler Bead Pattern

The Watermelon slice Perler Bead Pattern is a fun and bright design that feels exactly like summertime. It uses small Perler beads that you can melt to recreate the cool look of a watermelon slice. It mostly uses red and green beads to show the outer skin and inner juicy parts of the fruit, while black beads are used to represent the seeds.

You can work with the beads in the following colors to make this beautiful watermelon slice:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Black


Summer Butterfly Perler Bead Pattern

Summer Perler Bead Fun

The Summer Butterfly Perler Bead Pattern is an eye-catching and colorful design that showcases the beauty of butterflies during the warm summer season. It is created using vibrant beads arranged in an artistic pattern to mimic the intricate wings of a butterfly. This simple yet stunning craft is perfect for people of all ages and allows everyone to admire the whimsical nature of butterflies.

Go with the beads in almost all the colors to make the exact above appearance.


Fish Perler Bead Pattern

Summer Perler Bead Patterns

The Fish Perler Bead Pattern is an engaging, child-friendly crafting project that involves arranging small, colorful beads on a pegboard to form a vibrant fish design. It’s simple yet fun, encouraging children’s creativity and motor skills while they carefully place each bead on the board. It’s not just a delightful way to keep kids occupied, but it also enables them to create their sea creature designs, fostering imagination and artistic ability.

You’ll need the given colored beads to make these beautiful fish artworks:

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Yellow


Perler Beads Drink Topper

Perler Beads Drink Topper

This Perler Beads Drink Topper pattern is a creative and fun way to customize your drinks. Made from small, heat-activated beads, the Perler design lets you create colorful, custom-made lids for your cups. It’s an easy and enjoyable craft project that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether for a party, event, or daily use, these drink toppers can add a splash of color and personality.

Work with the multi-colored beads in your desired arrangements to make these toppers:


Nostalgic Perler Bead Earrings With Sweet Summer Vibes

Nostalgic Perler Bead Earrings With Sweet Summer Vibes

The Nostalgic Perler Bead Earrings are a captivating embodiment of delightful summer sentiments. They are skillfully crafted from vibrant Perler beads, showcasing a playful charm that is reminiscent of childhood crafts, transmuting a strong sense of nostalgia. The pattern echoes the refreshing hues of summer—bright yellows of sunflowers, striking blues of unclouded skies, and lush greens of nature’s cloaks.

You’ll need the beads in the following color to make this artwork quickly.

  • Red mini Perler beads
  • White mini Perler beads
  • Blue mini Perler beads
  • Brown mini Perler beads
  • Perler bead earring template
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Craft tweezers
  • Mini Perler bead pegboard
  • Ironing paper or parchment paper


Easy Mermaid Perler Bead Pattern

Easy Mermaid Perler Bead Pattern

The Easy Mermaid Perler Bead Pattern is a fun craft idea that adds some magic to your collection of DIYs. Using color-filled Perler beads, this pattern shows the image of a mythical mermaid. It’s a straightforward pattern, which is great for those who are new to this. By carefully placing each bead, in a short time, you’ll create an adorable mermaid. This could be used as a decoration, a key ring, or a charm.

You can use any color for these mermaid perler masterpieces, but the above ones are made using:

  • Green
  • Light green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Skin 
  • Grey
  • Green


Summer Melty Bead Shapes

Summer Melty Bead Shapes

The Summer Melty Bead Shapes pattern brings sweet summer vibes to any space, capturing the spirit of this warm and vibrant season. Featuring an array of delightful shapes, like suns, ice creams, and palm trees, these colorful beads are not only cute but also perfect for spending quality time with friends and family. Simple yet charming, the Summer Melty Bead Shapes pattern provides fun while inviting a sense of whimsy and playfulness.

You can work with the beads in your favorite colors to make these masterpieces.


Summer Perler Bead

easy to make beads artworks

Summer Perler Bead patterns are fun and show off the happy feel of summer. There are three cool designs: a flamingo, a pineapple, and a watermelon. The flamingo is a neat pink design that looks like a fancy bird we often see in the summer. The pineapple design looks really tropical with mixes of green and yellow colors. The last one, the watermelon design, looks cool and yummy with green and red colors and black spots, giving us a feel of a summer picnic.

Work with the beads in any color combination for making these bead artworks, although if something like (a flamingo) has some specific appearance, then go with specific colors.



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