11 Easy Minecraft Perler Bead Patterns For Animated Fans

Easy Minecraft Perler Bead Patterns

Our Minecraft Perler bead patterns are simple guides that help you make awesome crafts using small, colorful beads. You place the beads on a special board, following the pattern, then melt them together to create fun shapes.

Minecraft Perler Bead Patterns

Easy Minecraft Perler Bead Patterns 1

Creating Minecraft Perler bead artwork is easier than you think! You only need Perler beads, a board, some simple patterns, and a little time. The patterns guide where to place each colored bead to make your favorite Minecraft figures. This could be a good start for you to create Steve, Creeper, or an Enderman! You can also create Minecraft tools like a pickaxe or sword. Start simple, and who knows, you could soon create an entire Minecraft Perler bead world of your own! Through this guide, we are going to make it even simpler!

Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern

Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern

With this pattern, kids can create their own Steve figure by placing the beads on a square Perler board, following the design and dimensions. After arranging the beads, they must be ironed carefully using Perler ironing or parchment paper to fuse them together. This activity is perfect for Minecraft and Perler Bead fans, allowing them to enjoy a unique crafting experience.

You’ll need beads in given colors:

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Green


Minecraft Perler Bead Keychains

Minecraft Perler Bead Keychains

This amazing guide will help you arrange Perler beads on a small pegboard to follow Minecraft-inspired artworks like Steve, Creeper or even tools like pickaxe and sword. Once the design is on the board, an adult should iron over it to fuse the beads. After it cools down, you attach a keychain ring to it and have your own personalized Minecraft keychain. These cute keychains can be used as party favor bags or just for fun.


Perler Bead Minecraft Block

Perler Bead Minecraft Block

A Perler Bead Minecraft Block is a fun and creative project you can make if you have some Perler Beads lying around. This beaded cube project uses 336 beads in different colors, including dark brown, light brown, tan, dark green, medium green, and light green. It’s an easier and fun inspirational guide, and I hope you’ll love it.

You can work with the given color mix for making this artwork.

  • Dark brown beads
  • ¬†Light brown beads
  • Tan beads
  • Dark green beads
  • Medium green beads
  • Light green beads


Easy Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern

Minecraft Designs For Hama Beads

This Easy Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern is a fantastic craft project for kids of all ages who love crafting. You can arrange the beads on a board following a specific pattern, then use an iron (with grown-up help!) to melt the beads together. This activity is not just fun, but it’s also good for kids because it helps develop their fine motor skills as they pick up and arrange the small beads.


Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern Ghast

Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern Ghast

The Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern Ghast is a creative project shaped like a cube and looks like a blocky ghost from the Minecraft game. You’ll need Perler Beads in white, grey, black, and red to make this pattern. Remember, the eyes are different on both sides, and the mouth is five beads high. Once all beads are placed, you can cover the beads with Perler ironing paper and use an iron to melt them together to create your very own Ghast.

Work with the beads in given colors to make this artwork:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Red


3d Minecraft Perler Bead Characters

3d Bead Characters

To create the 3D Minecraft Perler Bead Characters, you start by arranging Perler beads on a square pegboard to form the pixelated faces of Minecraft characters. Each character consists of multiple 2D pieces that, when assembled, form a 3D figure. Once the pieces for each character are ironed and cooled, you can assemble them into a 3D character, creating a Minecraft-themed decoration or toy.


Minecraft Perler Bead Skeleton Pattern

Bead Skeleton Pattern

The Minecraft Perler Bead Skeleton Pattern is a fun activity where you create a skeleton figure using small Perler beads in black and white colors. Following a simple pattern, you arrange the beads on a square pegboard to form the skeleton’s head, body, arms, and legs. Once complete, iron the beads until they melt and fuse, resulting in a cool and unique Minecraft skeleton design. This creative project is an engaging way for kids and adults to enjoy and express their love for Minecraft.

You can work with just two colored beads for this Minecraft character:

  • White
  • Black


DIY Perler Bead Minecraft Bee

The DIY Perler Bead Minecraft Bee is a cool and easy craft. This project lets you make a cute bee from Minecraft using tiny Perler beads in bright colors. You place these beads on a board, following a special bee pattern. Then, you use an iron and carefully heat the beads until they stick together. Now you’ve made your own Minecraft bee, ready for play or display!

Every Minecraft Mob Made Using Perler Beads

Every Minecraft mob has been creatively transformed into a Perler Bead pattern, offering a delightful way for fans to recreate their favorite characters and creatures. These patterns, designed with the game’s unique pixel art style, are simple and easy to follow. You start with individual, small, colored beads placed one by one on a pegboard to form the pattern. Then, apply heat until the beads melt slightly, fusing them.

Minecraft Swords DIY Craft Perler Bead Keychains

Minecraft Sword DIY Craft Perler Bead Keychains are fun, easy-to-make crafts for any Minecraft fan. The beads are placed on a pegboard, following the sword pattern. Once the design is complete, you apply heat, and the beads fuse. The result is a neat, durable Minecraft sword that can be attached to a keychain ring. This project helps promote creativity and attention to detail and leaves you with a piece of Minecraft art you can carry around on your keys!

Easy DIY Minecraft Perler Bead Keychains are the perfect craft project for anyone who loves Minecraft and hands-on activities. They’re simple to create and add a touch of Minecraft charm to your everyday items. I’ve provided step-by-step instructions for this fun and easy process in the video tutorial. You can easily make this keychain in under 10 minutes.

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