13 DIY Whirligig Plans To Show Windy Magic

DIY Whirligig Plans

These DIY whirligig plans are easy-to-follow instructions that guide you in making your whirligig. They tell you what stuff you need, the sizes of each part, and how to fix them together. You can make a lovely, spinning piece of art for your garden or as a special present using these plans and surely thank me later.

DIY Whirligig Plans

DIY Whirligig Plans 1

Our amazing Whirligig plans are simple representations or blueprints that guide you through the process of making whimsical, decorative pieces known as whirligigs for your garden or house decor. The list of DIY whirligig plans provides a vast array of options, including designs inspired by birds, animals, and the wind.

These plans come with different difficulty levels, catering to both beginners and advanced DIY enthusiasts. They are great for infusing personality into your exteriors or interiors, making it a fun and rewarding experience.

Best DIY Whirligig Plans For Kids

The whirligig kids want is usually a simple, smaller-sized disk spinning around using kinetic energy that the person provides. You have to add a number of curls on the string, and it will result in uncurling or spinning in other direction to give your whirligig a swirly motion.

So if you wanna make one. Get these supplies on hand. 

  • A smaller piece of hard cardboard,
  • string
  • hole maker


  1. First, cut the cardboard into a circular shape.
  2. Make two holes in its center, and both must be near to each other.
  3. Pass the string through those holes and tie them both at the ends.

Just sping this whirligig by giving curls to the string added, and you’ll see a stunning circular spin that’ll surely be amazingly beautiful.

How To Make Whirligig Bird Chaser

To make a Whirligig Bird Chaser, you need a few household items and some basic skills. You attach small objects that make noises onto a revolving rig, like a pinwheel. As the wind spins it, the things strike one another, creating noise. This simple and effective solution saves your garden without causing harm to wildlife.

Make A Simple Wooden Whirligig Propeller

Through simple carving steps, transform a basic piece of wood into a fun, spinning display of your craftsmanship. This lovely piece, crafted from wood, showcases your artisan spirit. This Whirligig will quickly become your favorite masterpiece, reflecting your love for handmade wooden art.

How To Make A 3 Sail Flip Whirligig DIY

Looking for a fun DIY project? Try creating a 3-Sail Flip Whirligig! This whimsical design is not only affordable but also simple to make. Its vertical sails will spin and twirl in the wind, providing a dynamic show. You can secure it on your car roof, making your vehicle the coolest on the block! You’re surely going to fall in love with this creative addition.

How To Make Whirligigs

The tutorial focuses on creating a propeller, the essential part of a whirligig, ensuring smooth movement. Watch and learn how to craft an exciting whirligig propeller, which will inspire you to make creative and fascinating wind-powered decorations for your garden or as a gift.

Make An Amazing Mini Row Boat Whirligig Reusing Soda Cans

This charming Mini Row Boat whirligig is both eco-friendly and entertaining. By taking empty soda cans and utilizing a few basic materials, you’ll craft a delightful mini-row boat complete with spinning oars. Not only is this project fun to create, but it also serves as a lovely decoration for your garden or yard. Best of all, it helps reduce waste while giving a new purpose to used cans.

How To Make A Whirlygig

How To Make A Whirlygig

To craft a whirlygig DIY toy (or spinner), you only need recycled cardboard and a printable template. To start, cut out a circle from the cardboard according to the template provided. Pierce a hole in the center. Then, make two small cuts on each end of the disc following the template. Next, pass a string through the center hole and tie it. Now, holding each end of the string, spin the whirlygig rapidly to amaze your kids. A timeless, fun-filled, and environment-friendly craft idea!


How To Build A Whirligig Out Of Wood

How To Build A Whirligig Out Of Wood

A vibrant red bird whirligig can add charm to your garden. Start by designing a bird shape, then cut, sand, and paint the wood. Attach propellers to allow it to spin in the wind and form a neat display. Easily crafted, this whirligig combines charm and affordability, making for an eye-catching ornament that will surely capture admiration.


How To Make Craft Whirligigs

How To Make Craft Whirligigs

Whirligigs are fun, spinning crafts you can make at home. First, gather simple materials like paper, crayons, scissors, and a pencil. Next, draw a circle on the form and color it with unique designs. Then, cut a spiral shape from the edge to the center, leaving a small uncut process in the middle. Finally, gently twist the spiral and hang it with a string. Give it a spin, watch it whirl, and enjoy your homemade whirligig!


How To Make An Old-School Whirligig Fidget Toy

How To Make An Old School Whirligig Fidget Toy

Create a vibrant Old-School Whirligig Fidget Toy easily following this guide. Choose multiple colors for a bright touch. Start with two round disks, stick them together, and drill two smaller holes in the center. Then, slide a string through, tying knots at each end. Twist the string; when released, the disks whirl, presenting a delightful plaything. This easy craft enriches your toy collection, and it’s made with materials usually found around the house.


DIY Whirligig Toy For Old Fashioned Childhood Fun

DIY Whirligig Toy For Old Fashioned Childhood Fun

This Whirligig toy is an old-fashioned toy that brings back the nostalgia of childhood. It’s easy to make using just a piece of cardboard found at home. By simply cutting out shapes and spinning them on a string, you can ignite the joy of a simple toy. Learn to make a quirky and inexpensive DIY whirligig toy for some charming old-style fun.


DIY Native Bird Whirligig

DIY Native Bird Whirligig

A DIY Native Bird Whirligig is a charming project that is not only fun but also an expression of art and creativity. Using simple tools, you can make stunning bird shapes from readily available materials. These fancy spinning creations require little effort, yet they bring immense joy, so why wait to start making these delightful bird masterpieces today?


This 5-minute Paper Toy Teaches Physics How To Make A Whirligig

This 5-minute Paper Toy Teaches Physics How To Make A Whirligig

Learn to create an amusing paper toy, the whirligig, in just 5 minutes! This easy yet engaging craft doesn’t just offer fun but also a hands-on experience in understanding dynamics. Ideal for children, this can be a crafty way to incorporate playtime with learning. Give it a try today!


DIY Whirligig Display Sawhorse Rack

Create a handy DIY Whirligig Display Sawhorse Rack to showcase your multiple whirligigs appealingly. This easier project is perfect if you plan to sell your crafted whirligigs and want to catch the attention of potential buyers. Follow the video guide to build a useful and attractive rack that will help boost your sales!

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