17 DIY Whelping Box Plans To Take Care Of Pups

DIY Whelping Box Plans

The DIY Whelping Box Plans are your guide or blueprint to building a safe and comfortable area where a mother dog can give birth and care for her puppies. These plans show you how to construct the box using cost-effective and readily available materials, ensuring the box is durable and well-suited for the mother dog’s needs.

DIY Whelping Box Plans

DIY Whelping Box Plans 1

The series of DIY Whelping Box Plans outlines different designs and building methods you can use to create a whelping box for a mother dog and her puppies. Each plan in the list provides a unique approach, allowing you to select the one that best suits your specific situation and resources. Some plans rely on common household items, while others may require a quick trip to the hardware store.

Best Materials Selection For Whelping Box

If you’re curious about making a whelping box by yourself, then following guidelines will surely be the best option to put your hands on.

  • Wood: When you’re making a whelping box for your newborn pups, choosing the best quality non-hazardous wood will surely be a prominent option. Go with the new wood from the store, or if you’re repurposing old wood, then make sure that it has been treated well.
  • Cardboard: Using cardboard is also the best option for making whelping boxes because it’s cheap and easily available around.

Here’s the best whelping box idea we’ve come up with, using wood and a simple slate to keep your pup in style. This whelping box looks great in any setting and is budget-friendly too! You can go with any of your desired sizes, but I really hope that this whelping box idea will always be the best inspirational guide for you and help you select the best size for your pup or dog.

How To Build A Whelping Pool For Dogs

Creating a birthing area for puppies is very easy and useful when your female dog is about to have puppies. This video guides you on how to make a birthing area where your dog and her newborn puppies can relax, move around, and spend quality time without any trouble.

How To Make A Whelping Box

This video will show you How to make a carate-like dog whelping box easily using the most basic materials available around within an hour or so. This crate will stand the test of time; it certainly has been through the wringer of many dogs using it over the years and still holds up strong!

Easy DIY Whelping Box

Whelping Box

The Easy DIY Whelping Box is the perfect way to provide your new puppies with a safe, private space away from the rest of the family when they come into their new world. This can be done within a day or two, and you will have the perfect whelping box for your little furball! The guidance for the right materials, tools, and step-by-step making process is provided in the below link; follow it for more information.


How To DIY A Whelping Box

How To Build Whelping Box

Whelping Boxes are one of the most important tools in any dog owner’s arsenal. They should be easy to make and effective yet inexpensive. This article will go over how to build a decent whelping box around following this easier guide, simple cardboard, and some other material available around. It will be a fun creation and help you have the best results with minimal expense.


Cheap DIY Whelping Box

How To Build A Quick & Inexpensive Whelping Box

Creating an inexpensive Whelping Box for any breed will cost very little after reading this amazing article given here. The most important thing to remember is that it’s not the building materials you are trying to save money on but rather the labor and time involved in getting your idea off the ground. It is the best way of making it affordable for you and your family to prepare the best environment for your new baby.


DIY Whelping Box For Small Dogs

Cheap Whelping Box

As a pet owner, you want the best for your puppy. When it’s time to whelp your brood of puppies, you don’t have time to spend on an elaborate, expensive box. This article will give you the best inspiration for making a super useful and cheaper whelping box that perfectly fits the purpose but costs almost pennies. It’s made of wood and great to use for years or multiple breeding seasons.


DIY Whelping Box Plan

Whelping Box Plan

If you want to save money and do the environment a favor by reducing your carbon footprint. And using the most suitable material for your whelping box, then this DIY Whelping Box is a perfect choice. Because it has multiple qualities like being waterproof, lightweight, and can also be disassembled when not in use.


Best Whelping Box For Pups

DIY Best Whelping Box

Are you preparing for the arrival of puppies? Whether you’re building a whelping box from scratch or buying one that already exists, this guide goes through the steps and details. Find out what you need to know about finding a good place to build it and how to construct the boxes and design them. So they’re safe and secure, what materials are best for a whelping box?


Building A Whelping Box

Building The Whelping Box

Building this whelping box can be very beneficial for expectant mothers and their pups. Giving them the most comfortable environment for their newborns. Especially if you’re dealing with a larger size breed and want to make your pup feel cozy at the same time, this whelping box will surely be the most suitable option.


DIY Whelping Box Step-By-Step

DIY Whelping Box Step-by-step Directions

Your whelping box can be made by simply taking a plastic kiddie pool following this amazingly easier guide. It’s simple and effective and can be made in any size for your pup. We’ll give you some tips on how to install them so they’re out of sight but still accessible by him/her.”


Whelping Box For Dog

pup's Box For My Fur Love

This cute dog-whelping box was built with love and affection. It’s sized to fit your precious pups and comes with everything you need to ensure the health of your little ones. You can make it using the MDF panels available around the wood shops and surely end up doing something extremely creative and unique.


DIY Whelping Box For Large Dogs

DIY Whelping Box 1

Making a DIY whelping box for large dogs can be a rewarding project. The box needs to be big enough for the mama dog to lie comfortably yet secure enough to contain the puppies. Using sturdy plywood, ensure that the sides are high enough so the pups can’t climb out but low enough for mama to step over. Ensure the box is easy to clean for mom and pups’ health. With some basic tools, your homemade whelping box can be ready in no time!


Easy DIY Whelping Box Plan

DIY Whelping Box Easy To Make Free Plan

Here, we came up with an easy DIY whelping box plan that is all about simplicity and effectiveness. Draw a sketch based on the size of your dog, then source the right materials, like durable plywood. Assemble the box with an entrance for mama dog and ensure it’s sturdy yet comfortable. This plan prioritizes the needs of mama and her pups, ensuring a safe and comfort-filled nook for their first few weeks of life.


DIY Whelping Box For Puppies

Innovations In dog's Boxes

Building a DIY whelping box for puppies involves creating a cozy, safe, and easy-to-clean area for newborn pups and their mum. Use durable materials like plywood, and design the box with a puppy-safe rail to prevent accidental squishing. Ensure the entrance is easily accessible for the mum while keeping the little ones contained. This project provides a welcoming environment for your pups’ early days.


How To Make A Sturdy Whelping Box

How To Build A Sturdy Take-down pup's Box

Creating a sturdy whelping box involves careful planning and the use of strong materials. Start by measuring the size based on your dog’s breed. Opt for shelving boards and sturdy hardware to ensure the box’s stability and longevity. Place it in any corner of your home and also add lighting and other options to make this whelping box more useful.


Cheap DIY Whelping Box For A Large Dog

Birth Box For A Large Dog

Creating a sturdy whelping box involves careful planning and the use of strong materials. Start by measuring the size based on your dog’s breed. Opt for shelving boards and sturdy hardware to ensure the box’s stability and longevity. Place it in any corner of your home and also add lighting and other options to make this whelping box more useful.


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