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Five Facts Friday

Happy Friday! It doesn’t feel like Friday to me since my week has been so out of whack with traveling. But that makes it even better! I’m just about back on track with everything, including giveaways! I’m SO happy to say that I will be hosting weekly giveaways from some really wonderful Etsy shop for the rest of July!

Now for Five Facts Friday!

1. I’m a Harry Potter nerd. I’ve read all the books (some more than once) and seen all the movies (all more than once). And I just bought our tickets to see the last one next week. I know I’m going to cry.

2. I took piano lessons when I was younger. I can still play a little bit but I’m sort of bummed I dropped the lessons.

3. I used to want to be a veterinarian. (Then a marine biologist when I saw Free Willy.)

4. I really like to bake. The problem is I have to give the treats away or else I will eat them all in one sitting.

5. I always always have to have my toes nails painted. Otherwise, gross.

Have a lovely weekend! I will be working on a new DIY Tutorial to share with you guys and hopefully doing some relaxing at the beach. :]

Five Facts Friday

TGIF! I’m really looking forward to this weekend…..friends, the beach, and a DIY project I’m excited to share with you guys! But first, it’s time for Five Facts Friday!

1.) Give me a dark room, a flashlight and a camera and I’m amused for way too long. I blame my painting with light photography assignment in college.

2.) 10 years of driving and I have never gotten pulled over. (knock on wood?) And this is not because I don’t speed.

3.) The only drink I ever order at a bar is rum and coke. Bacardi, please.

4.) I have scoliosis and wore a back brace throughout high school. As a teen girl who wanted to wear cute clothes, it was really hard on me.

5.) I kind of love line dancing. Now, before you judge, you must know that when I lived in Michigan my friends and I went to a country bar called Coyote Joes (think Coyote Ugly with a little bit of class). I’m not a country girl, I don’t own a cowboy hat, but we sure ran that dance floor. I miss those nights.

Happy Friday!

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