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Friday, August 29, 2014

Two Years Self-Employed

It has officially been two years since I quit my day job. I remember my last day of work, driving out of the parking lot, windows down, music up, the "holy shit, I'm doing this" feeling. The truth is, I still have that feeling. Sure, over the past two years I have developed a bit of a schedule, my days are often routine, going from one thing to the next. But I'm still doing it for myself. By myself (except my wonderful assistant, Mo, who comes about once a week to help process wholesale orders). Just that thought is still exhilarating to me. I am doing this.
Thinking about how this anniversary was coming, I looked back at some old blog posts. I read about the day I quit my day job, and even my first day of self employment. (Which, by the way (tangent), can I just say that my whole "getting dressed every morning" probably lasted a week or so? I had read this as a suggested tip for people who are self employed, and you know what I say about that now? Fuck it. Where whatever you want. Where what you feel comfortable in. Why would I sit at a computer screen in jeans with the band digging into my stomach all tight when I could be wearing pajama shorts? Why put on makeup when I have no one to impress? Maybe it's just me, but instead of telling you what you should wear, or even DO, throughout self employment....I'm saying this. Do whatever makes you feel good. For me, that is comfy pants and no makeup. And then, when a date night comes or a big event, and I DO get schmancy, well it feels extra special.

Ok, done with that tangent, sorry. :p

Anyways, it was fun to read over the beginning and the milestones over the past two years. While I feel like there is so much more out there to accomplish, I do feel like I have  conquered some things I wouldn't have imagined,  like traveling out of state for a craft show, or speaking at a blogging event, or that time I was on TV. (Still, WHAT??)

There is a sense of pride but there is also the fear of it all ending. While fear too often can hold people back, I also believe fear can drive us, if we let it. I have some big things I'm reaching for in the future and while I'm pretty terrified at the thought, I do it anyways. Just last night actually, I "went for" something big, texted my girls all "omgomg." Fingers crossed it works out, but if it doesn't, I can at least say I went for it, despite my fears.

Thanks for hanging out with me these last two years (or more!!). xo JA

Monday, August 25, 2014

An Arizona Weekend

Hey guys! I'm back from my trip to Phoenix. I was gone Friday-Sunday so Monday was a bit crazy/stressful/rough as I struggled to catch up. Phoenix was fun though! There was a great turnout at The Shine Project, where I had my little pop-up shop. It was also fun just chatting it up with Ashley. What an inspiration, that girl, let me tell ya.
One of my best friends from Michigan, Adam, lives in Phoenix now so I got to spend some time with him as well. I love spending time with old friends. It makes me remember the "old days" and my "roots." I sure love where I came from.

The rest of this week is going to require a lot of focus and productivity. J and I planned a last minute trip over Labor Day weekend and maaaaybe it wasn't the best idea to take a trip the weekend before Renegade Chicago. Yep. Renegade Chicago is Sept. 6+7 and let's just say.....I have just about everything left to do in order to prepare for it. So. Focus. This week. Lots of it. I've been writing to-do lists daily and it's really helping me remember (and accomplish) my tasks. Things have been busy lately for August. I don't know why but I'm very thankful. I must be doing something right! :p

Do you have any fun Labor Day plans? Also, who lives near Chicago and is going to come see me at Renegade?! xo JA

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


(Sign from Signazon)

Lately I've been:

- Working on some fun new card sets to add to the shop.

- Realizing I need to start getting in a Christmas state of mind. (It will be here before we know it!)

- Preparing for a couple travel events in the next coming weekends.
(Phoenix Pop Up Shop - Aug. 23rd - 1137 w McDowell Rd, Phoenix 85007. 10AM-1PM)
(Chicago Renegade - Sept. 6+7 - Wicker Park. 11AM-6PM)

- Slowly making progress on the new Julie Ann Art website. You guys. This shit is hard.

- Getting excited for fall. I am honestly just sick of sweating in our house all day. Gimme some cool air please.

- Still going to cardio barre. I have such a love/hate relationship with it. And it never gets easier, wtf?

- Craving a change with my hair. But the last time I chopped it did not go well so I'm skurred.

- Realizing I'm approaching two big business milestones:
1.) 30k sales in the shop
2.) 2 year anniversary of self-employment

- Missing blogging, or more-so, the connections it brings. I'd love to hear some blog suggestions in the comments!

-Becoming dangerously addicted to triple espressos on ice. Anyone else prefer the super strong taste of espresso?

- Drooling over our wedding photos. I can't wait to share them with you!

- Feeling so thankful right now. Our lives have been full of lots of love and great people.

- Thinking I should clarify that the above pic was taken soon after a shower. My hair is wet. Not greasy. FYI. ;]

- Wondering if blog readers are still out there. And if so, what's been new with you??

xo JA
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