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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend In Instagrams

I really want to get more of my daily life in this blog. I seriously always plan to take my camera with us wherever we go but I never end up taking any photos! I don't understand myself! I need to attack this goal (with more than just my iPhone camera) once and for all.
We had a really good weekend. The thing about Jordan and I, is that we're often busy and we work a lot, but we also are so good at doing nothing. Saturday I did nothing. When I say nothing, I mean, nothing involving my shop or my blog. This is not to say that I didn't think about them. But I did make a conscious effort to sit outside, give myself a pedicure with a homemade foot scrub, and drink some rum and cokes.
We also made it to the OC Fair this weekend, where my one goal (besides taking photos #fail) was to win a fish. Jordan asked for directions and we learned the fishies were in the kiddie section (what is that supposed to mean?) so we made our way there. The game itself looked completely impossible. I knew there was NO way I was getting the ping pong ball into the narrow bowl. But, we were in kidding land! You don't have to win the game to win the prize! Zero ping pong balls made it into the bowls and I still got a fishy! His name is Fish.
Penny wants to eat Fish. Well, that's not true. She would probably only pick it up with her mouth and then spit it out and stare at it and then pick it up again, repeat. She's a lover not a fighter.
Sunday I got to work. My morning was spent printing shipping envelopes and cards. I also made a dessert for a recipe post I'll share later this week. The dessert itself was devoured by my coworkers in a matter of hours (minutes?) so apparently it's a good one! My afternoon was spent sketching potential logos. I'm working on a rebranding for my entire business, the blog and the shop. It has been ridiculously hard. This project is probably going to be the biggest and most time consuming thing I have done so far but I know it will be worth it to have one cohesive look throughout my shop and blog. If I ever EVER come up with something I like that is a good portrayal of myself and my business, well I hope you will like it too. :]

How was your weekend? Do you work on weekends or do you enjoy time off?


  1. I love the intense look on your dogs face just so cute.

  2. Can't wait to see your new branding & logo. Creating a new look for yourself is definitely very difficult. You are your own worst critic.

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend! :)


  4. I want to get a fish just to see how my dogs would react. Too cute. I agree about rebranding and creating logos, etc. I revamped my blog this weekend and went through about 1 million different headers. It is so hard to settle on something!

  5. penny is SOOO cute with fish. agh rebranding needs to happen in my shop but i DO NOT HAVE TIME. /end of story

  6. Dude we got a fish and named it Fish too! it's the best name for a fish.

  7. love doing nothing. we are pretty good at it too! ha
    pup with the fish is adorable. love it.

  8. Excited to see what you have in store for your redesign! It can be fun but DEFINITELY a lot of hard work and careful consideration. I'm a weekend worker, too -- I drove to Monterey this weekend for an engagement session photo shoot. Lots of gas, but it feels good to accomplish something. :)

  9. I love that you wanted a fish. I like to unplug from the blog on the weekends. Just do regular life and not tweet about it all day. It feels good to disconnect sometimes. :)

  10. Oh that fish haha, so cute. I would love to win one too :) And I'm looking forward to the new design :)


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