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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Instagrams

We had a great three-day Christmas weekend. I'm sad it's over! We had the house lit up all festive, Christmas music playing, yummy candles burning...it was so special to me.
Recognize the fabric garland from this DIY Tutorial?
She crawled right under my chin and I just about died it was so sweet.
We went out to dinner with friends on Christmas Eve.
Then the boys got extra creative with some cookie decorating.
Christmas morning we got brunch at a little restaurant in Laguna Beach.
We went there last Christmas as well, so might as well make a tradition out of it!
At night we made a nice Christmas dinner.
Rack of lamb, couscous, and stuffed artichokes.
It was a cozy, homey weekend. Just what was needed!


  1. It looks like you guys had a lovely Christmas weekend! :)


  2. That last one of Penny is just too much! I can't handle it. I need a puppy!!!!!! Also, you look GORGEOUS in that one of you guys at brunch. LOVE that red lipstick!


  3. yay, looks like a good Christmas!

  4. I love the little tree! And your home decor! I bet it was nice to celebrate Christmas somewhere warm!


  5. Your home looked SO cozy. I should have come there ;) haha

  6. Great pictures. That Bloody Mary looks tasty. Which restaurant to you go to for brunch in Laguna? We love the Lumberyard. They have a fantastic Bloody Mary bar. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  7. love the pics and the garland in the first pic. adorbs. xxo em

  8. you just might have the coziest, homiest home ever!

  9. Lovely pictures!
    Great blog!!



  10. Shannon, we went to The Cottage. I have never been to Lumberyard but I have been by it several times. Fantastic Bloddy Mary bar you say??? Oh boy...:]

  11. your weekend looks so precious. i love that you went out to eat. i might have to try that next year to reduce some of the stress. we hosted this year and i cooked dinner four out of five nights. too much! i reach my quota at three dinners a week! :)


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